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Kusama Network is a young network with great potential that is developing a social module

Forging Block has expressed that they are excited to announce that they are building a decentralized cryptocurrency gateway for KUSAMA.

In response, Kusama tweeted, “The gateway includes e-commerce plugins, payment APIs, a custom checkout page, and reliable industry-standard payment servers with high security and easy-to-integrate payments for merchants and the Kusama developer community.”

Miguel Marques said they had just released the first part of the films supported by the Kusama Ministry of Finance at the end of June: Members of the Kusama Council in their own words (66 ′) and 10 short documentaries about various processes of the Kusama government.

One of the commenters replied, just saw the Kusama Future and I just love it. I hope to have the time to see the whole series soon. I would also like to provide subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese to the series.

For those who don’t know, Kusama is a young network. Many of its main features are still under development. Even those who code the platform aren’t sure how users will use and develop the platform. The platform offers very rich potential. The possibilities are endless.

It is very difficult to decide the future of something that is said to be chaotic. However, blockchain solutions drive innovation and disrupt traditional business models. Much is expected of Kusama’s future, and some of the biggest use cases are expected to be stored on the platform.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted, “Kusama Network has started a social agenda. We’ll have to wait and see how they rock.”

According to reports, the Kusama network has the society module which is considered to be very unique. It is an economic game to provide incentives for users who join society that coordinate according to the established rules.

The rewards are paid for by the state treasury. There is currently only one society in Kusama that focuses on the concept of “proof-of-ink” – interconnected tattoos. There could be several societies in the future. It helps to get to know the social module, its use and the future of the social module.

Sustainability of the Kusama network

While Kusama is a small network, it shows that in the blockchain world things escalate quickly and change dramatically in just a few months or years.

It is important for Kusama Network to grow sustainably. What could happen to governance in the long term is cause for concern. Whether council members get paid in the future or just automate governance processes and hope for the best, thought is given to the nature of the threats to Kusama.

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