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Ledger Wallet not syncing with Polkadot account (workaround)

Ledger Wallets are one of the most popular hardware wallets for securely storing cryptocurrency private keys offline. They provide customized solutions for businesses and high-value individuals.

Developed by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, Polkadot is a platform that allows blockchains to exchange messages and execute transactions without a third party.

Ledger Wallet not syncing with Polkadot account

That said, currently, some users complain that their Ledger Wallet is not syncing with their Polkadot accounts (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).


When users attempt to add the Polkadot account to Ledger Wallet, they receive an ‘internal process error 134’ prompt or are stuck on the synchronization screen with infinite loading.

Some claim to have previously added it, but it stopped showing them their rewards, so they removed it to see whether it fixed the problem. However, they are now unable to get past the synchronization procedure.

This appears to be a server-side issue that affects users on both the desktop and mobile apps.

@Ledger_Support #Polkadot doesn’t sync on ledger live. I have the latest version and I refreshed the cache. tips?

@Ledger_Support Hey Ledger, can you tell us what’s wrong with the Polkadot app, why it’s not synchronizing, and when you expect a solution? It’s been ages

Uninstalling and reinstalling the ledger app, updating the operating system on the device, and clearing the cache do not appear to work either.

Issue acknowledged

Fortunately, Ledger support has acknowledged the issue and stated that they are working on a fix. However, no timeframe was provided.

Ledger support potential workaroundSource

Furthermore, Ledger support has confirmed that they are in the midst of a backend migration that has been causing issues:

We’re in the process of a backend migration that has been causing issues for us. If you need to manage your nominations or anything staking related, I recommend connecting to the Polkadot staking dashboard.

Potential workaround

There is an official temporary workaround for this issue that involves connecting your Ledger Nano to the Polkadot staking dashboard to view and manage your accounts:

In the meantime, you can connect your Ledger Nano to the Polkadot staking dashboard to view and manage your accounts.

We hope the above-mentioned workaround assisted you in resolving this issue. If so, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Having said that, we will keep a look out for any further developments surrounding the Ledger Wallet not syncing with the Polkadot account issue and will update this story accordingly.

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