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L’Equipe Is Set To Launch The Ballon d’Or Award NFT Collection On Tezos

Ballon d’Or

L’Equipe is a French national newspaper dedicated to sports news with over 250,000 subscriptions and 6.2 million followers on Twitter.

L’Equipe owns France Football, a French weekly magazine that is considered to be one of the most reputable sports publications in Europe.

Every year France Football holds the prestigious Ballon d’Or (Golden Ball) award, often referred to as the European Footballer of the Year award.

The awards are presented during a ceremony that is attended by the nominees and broadcast worldwide. The current holder of this award is Lionel Messi.

Yesterday it was announced that L’Equipe will launch a Ballon d’Or award NFT collection on Tezos.

An interesting fact is that some lucky owners of a Ballon d’Or Award NFT will get tickets to attend the actual ceremony.

This is something that could be considered an extraordinary opportunity for football fans, since this ceremony is commonly closed to the public.

The website of the NFT drop has already launched on and will offer fans the opportunity to buy and mint NFTs in the next couple of days.

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