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Luminar Neo’s secret tools: Color Harmony

Let’s have a little look at some of the perhaps lesser-known secret tools in the new Luminar Neo, such as Color Harmony. Luminar Neo’s Color Harmony tool offers advanced options for color grading or control, with various sliders for specific looks. It’s also a great tool in LuminarAI.

What is the Color Harmony tool?

The Color Harmony tool offers several advanced options for precise color control. It is located in the Professional tab down toward the bottom of the Edit screen.

By clicking the little arrows, you can access more sliders for Color Contrast, Split Color Warmth and Color Balance. While you may not use all of them for every single image, it’s always handy to know what they all do.

The Color Harmony tool in Luminar Neo

How to use Color Harmony

Open the Color Harmony tool within the Professional tab, each tool offers slightly different areas

  • Brilliance: This slider is useful for creating rich colors.
  • Warmth: This slider controls the color temperature in your image. Positive offers warm values, while negative values ​​tone that down.

Color Contrast

This slider allows you to choose a color range to apply contrast. Select a color like mauve or blue, and you can intensify the contrast of that color.

Increase the contrast of a selected colorIncrease the contrast of a selected color

Split Color Warmth

This tool can be used to selectively enhance the cool and warm tones in your image. It allows you to increase color contrast and vibrancy or create creative toning effects. You can separately adjust the warm and cool colors. You can add cool and warm tones to both your highlights and shadows in your image, selectively.

  • Warm: Pull this slider to the left to neutralize warm tones such as yellows and reds and to the right to enhance them.
  • Cool: Pull this slider to the left to cool down blues, aqua, and cyan and to the right to neutralize and warm them up.

Split color warmth in NeoSplit color warmth in Neo

Color balance

The color balance tool is more for changing the overall mix of colors or tonal ranges in an image. You can target the shadows, highlights and mid-tones in an image. Then choose the slider for Cyan-Red, Magenta-Cyan or Yellow-Blue, for each range of tones.

Color Balance tool in Luminar NeoColor Balance tool in Luminar Neo

The final results

A few tweaks with these sliders can make a dramatic change to your images. It need not be as dramatic as below, but knowing what each of the sliders does can make a huge difference in the color and tones of your photos. You can make everything look much warmer or cooler.

Create the photos you imagined, with Luminar Neo

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