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Magic Number 27 – Tron Super Representatives

What now for Tron?

The magic number of 27 has been reached. What exactly does this mean? Is the election over? No, there is an election every 6 hours where these candidates can gain and lose votes. Some have even dropped off from being Super Representatives after losing the votes. Nonetheless, this is the first time all 27 seats have been claimed.

Now that all the Tron Super Representative seats are filled, Tron is entering into what is called the constitutional phase. To better understand what that means, it is important to understand what the Super Representatives do. The Super Representatives run the servers where the Tron protocol operates. They are essentially the computer that handles all the transactions in the network.

Since Tron is a decentralized protocol, these Super Representatives have the fiduciary responsibility of setting the rules for the network to abide to. If the community, or anyone for that matter, believes a change has to be made, this must be proposed to your respective Super Representative so that it gets evaluated. Once deemed appropriate, it will be proposed to a special Telegram group which includes all 27 Tron Super Representatives. Each Super Representative will have 1 person in this group who can discuss the aforementioned proposal. In order for a proposal to be implemented, a 2/3 majority vote is needed. Once approved, the change has to be implemented regardless if a few Super Representatives disagree.

Community is the backbone for Tron

The Tron community has the ability to make a difference. It is very important for issues, concerns, and ideas to be communicated to the Tron Super Representatives. Otherwise, the network will not improve as it should nor will it represent what the people want. Let’s do our part in fortifying the Tron ecosystem. The more we are involved in Tron’s processes, the better we will all be down the road.

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