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Marshall County wins the 2019 Stellar Community Award

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ind. – Marshall County Crossroads is the 2019 Stellar Community.

It’s a collaboration between six cities working to improve the quality of life in Marshall County.

The Indiana Stellar Communities Program is an initiative that is providing millions of dollars to rural Indiana over a period of several years to develop their visions.

Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch announced Marshall County Crossroads as the 2019 winner in a phone call with organizers on Thursday.

The $ 14 million will finance 35 projects in Argos, Bourbon, Bremen, Culver, La Paz and Plymouth over the next four to five years.

“It will be a great addition to our county,” said Kevin Overmyer, president of the Marshall County Commissioners.

Overmyer says Marshall County has many jobs but struggles to attract families to life in the area due to a lack of activities outside of work.

The money is used to finance projects such as parks, housing developments, hiking trails and murals.

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For example, in Plymouth, the Stellar money will help complete the payment for the Reese Theater Project. Once it’s done it will be a community center.

Crossroads Plaza is also being built on the corner of Michigan St. and Jefferson St. It’s a small park that recognizes the five historic highways that run through the area.

“Our tagline at Marshall County Crossroads is ‘Great Hometowns, One Vision,'” said Sean Surrisi, Plymouth City Attorney. “I think that sums it up very well that we’re trying to build these great hometowns that will get more people to stay or move because we have a great economy and it’s a wonderful place to live.”

For their part, executives hope these projects will help increase their population by 2.5 percent, improve personal per capita income, an estimated 400 vacancies, create career coaching and commercial skills programs, and prioritize health and wellness To strengthen art and culture and provide more diverse and affordable housing among other things.

“It goes beyond the money part,” Overmyer said. “If we hadn’t won we would have still been working towards our goals, but that only improves the process of getting there faster. I think that only goes beyond the 4-5 years we go through this process. It just puts you in the spotlight. ”

Surrisi says Crossroads will meet with the state after the New Year to finalize the projects. He explains that the first year is mainly spent completing projects and getting them public. From the second year, most residents can count on the groundbreaking for Stellar projects.

In addition, Surrisi said, Crossroads seeks to become a regional non-profit planning body that can implement the Stellar projects and review other collaborative efforts in the future.

“You will have some new amenities, and it also means Marshall County has recognized that collaboration and regional planning work is a priority,” Surrisi said. “This means that individuals and companies in these communities have the opportunity to get involved with their leadership in their district.”

To read the full Marshall County Crossroads Stellar Plan, click here.

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