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Meet XR Terra, the company that teaches XR technology

XR technology is increasingly becoming a part of the corporate landscape. As hardware becomes more affordable and software more robust, the experiences made become more valuable. They don’t necessarily get any easier to use, however. XR Terra is there to help.

Meet XR Terra

XR Terra was founded in 2019 to train companies on the fundamentals of XR programs so they can get started with XR technology more easily and effectively. This can be done through a four-week “XR Foundations” course or through two twelve-week “boot camps” with a focus on design or development.

The $ 1499 XR Foundations: Developer Course is a four-week program with a total of 24 hours of session time designed to prepare for the boot camps. The two $ 5900 bootcamps (XR Industry Bootcamp: Developer and XR Industry Bootcamp: Designer) consist of seven hours of class time followed by studying and working on a capstone project.

The XR Foundations course is not an official prerequisite for a boot camp, but includes the necessary skills and information. Each course is part-time and conducted online by “AR / VR experts”. While one course reviewer said “the faculty aren’t real teachers,” other course reviews are positive.

While the instructors are not all teachers, Hakan Satiroglu, founder of XR Terra, started the company after working in immersive education. In an interview with ARPost, he called the move a move from “Ed Tech to Tech Ed”.

“I went from working with universities or schools or publishing houses to working with [tech companies] where the timelines are much faster, ”said Satiroglu. “I realized we were going to have this [skills] Bottlenecks and I looked at the “boot camp” model of education. “

The first cohort of students went through a hybrid physical / virtual program, but the second group was fully online.

How XR Terra met the Glimpse Group

XR Terra has been teaching users how to use XR technology for a number of years, but got on our radar when it was acquired by the Glimpse Group (NASDAQ: VRAR). While the formal negotiations took months, the actual story is much older.

“I actually met [Glimpse Group CEO Lyron Bentovim] almost from the time I launched XR Terra and we thought about doing something together, ”said Satiroglu. “Bundling our strengths here in a larger capacity will only benefit everyone.”

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Satiroglu, who served as CEO of XR Terra during the acquisition, will now serve as general manager of the company and vice president of strategy for the Glimpse Group, according to a statement announcing the acquisition.

“As a VPS, I also meet with all the other GMs to see what I can bring out of my world,” said Satiroglu. “I will be going to many companies to train their employees and I look forward to introducing you to all of the Glimpse Group’s subsidiaries.”

Of the 10 other subsidiaries of the Glimpse Group, at least two more are directly related to training and further education and at least three more are directly related to the integration of XR technology into existing corporate environments. Satiroglu also expressed interest in working with the 3D modeling agency QReal, as both are based in Turkey.

XR technology, education and growth

Joining the Glimpse Group isn’t the only thing that’s changing for XR Terra. Not only is the company endlessly adding content to its courses, but they also want to move from their current business-to-consumer model to a business-to-business model.

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“We’ve been experimenting with the business-to-consumer model for the past 18 months and I’ve really learned a lot,” said Satiroglu. “While we were doing that, I waited patiently for the conversation [about XR technology] to be more in people’s minds … the moment has come for the corporate and university world. “

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