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Monero price prediction 2021 | 2025 | 2030 – Future forecast for XMR price

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In this post, we will share our own and the market’s opinion on the future of Monero, while also discussing the XMR price prediction for 2021 and beyond.

With this year almost over, the 2021 Monero price prediction is a lot more interesting. That is why we have also taken this section into account. Just scroll to the end.

Now we come to that.

Before we dive into the Monero price prediction in depth and answer questions about whether or not Monero is a good investment, why Monero will succeed or fail, or whether Monero price will go up or down, let’s briefly review XMR and give its current story.

Monero intro

When Monero first launched, conversations about Bitcoin’s on-chain privacy capabilities resulted in numerous privacy-focused projects entering the digital asset market.

Originally called Bitmonero, Monero evolved into a privacy-focused cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote, a reference implementation for new altcoins, many of which were later exposed as fraudulent projects. Monero’s payment anonymity has drawn significant attention from a wide variety of crypto-curious individuals.

Monero runs a proof-of-work algorithm called CryptoNight, which is suitable for CPU and GPU mining. Every two minutes on average, new blocks are added to the chain.

The level of difficulty of mining is adjusted after each new block. Monero’s data protection improvements come from CryptoNote, which masks sender identities by mixing ring signatures and offers one-way keys to make transactions no longer traceable.

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Captainaltcoin’s Monero forecast 2021

XMR, like the rest of the market, is tied to the hip of Bitcoin’s price movement. If Bitcoin starts another bull run, XMR can hope for one too. Bitcoin usually has a cool down period after its mega-bull runs out. Then the altcoins take over and have a field day with the bulls, often doubling or tripling their price within a few days.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, the world was put into hybridation for a few mXMRhs, which had a negative impact on the cryptocurrencies and sent Bitcoin downhill as we experienced even 40% daily losses. The situation quickly stabilized, however, and bitcoin when the flag bearer got the crypto market going again. We’ve been on a big upswing since the summer and if we listen to the analysis from social media and journalistic desks we are far from their local peak.

What does this mean for the XMR award in 2021?

As long as Bitcoin plays the main role and moves upwards, XMR can only shine a little. However, it will increase its USD-denominated value thanks to the overall increase in crypto price. Even so, the XMR to BTC ratio is likely to collapse, possibly to an all-time low. This means that it is best to keep your money in Bitcoin until it hits its tentative peak and opens the doors for the altcoin to enter the scene. XMR will be among the top contenders to see big profits as the money usually flows from Bitcoin winnings to blue chip altcoins and big cap coins before moving on to the lesser known and smaller projects.

Most projects will fail – some startups are just created to raise money and go out, others wouldn’t take on the competition, but most are just ideas that look good on paper but are in reality useless to the market.

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, said:

“There are some good ideas, there are a lot of very bad ideas, and there are a lot of very, very bad ideas, and there are also some scams.”

As a result, over 95% of successful ICOs and cryptocurrency projects will fail and their investors will lose money. The other 5% of the projects will be the new Apple, Google or Alibaba in the crypto industry. Will XMR be below that 5%?

Most likely.

Monero has stood the test of time. The growth in recent years has been constant (200-fold growth) and is likely to continue in the medium to long term.

From an investment point of view, it is undeniable that a significant part of the world market wants this, even if you personally do not need privacy and anonymity for your transactions. This makes investing in Monero a pretty obvious choice.

Monero has found wide acceptance in data protection-oriented areas – this also includes controversial platforms such as websites in the darknet. This raises some concerns about Monero’s long-term adoption and whether there will be regulatory hurdles. On the other hand, it is also a sign of its ability as a data protection-oriented coin.

With many other mainstream brands starting to embrace Monero as well, its future looks bright. The developers have shown a solid commitment to the project, with frequent updates and efforts to keep the network successful and secure.

It all adds up to one thing: XMR can experience some orchestrated and completely unpredictable pumps for a normal trader, but most of the time it will be murky sideways trades with low volume and no significant market interest.

The price will depend heavily on what BTC is going to do, and with many analysts believing BTC won’t take big strides this year, it’s hard to expect that XMR will, too. The price is likely to stagnate, slowly depreciating or appreciating, depending on team activity, possible technological breakthrough, or high-level partnership.

Market forecast for Monero XMR price 2021

Since the market is completely unpredictable, forecasting the cryptocurrency price is more of a gamble than a data-driven estimate.

Let’s take a look at the major releases and personalities and their predictions regarding the XMR award that give us another point of view:

Wallet investor

Walletinvestor is a popular website that provides technical analysis-based price predictions for various cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, XMR is expected to drop sharply to $ 13.38 in a year.


It is a forecasting agency that specializes in forecasting the financial market and has even forecast more than 100 cryptocurrencies. LongForecast predicts that Monero could be in the $ 554 to $ 638 range in April 2020 and could climb to $ 810 to $ 945 by December 2021.

Trade in beasts

Trading bulls show Monero can hit around $ 200 by 2021.

Profit confidential

Profit Confidential shares the forecast data based on factors such as current market trends, technology, and the team. They predicted that Monero could climb to $ 350 by the end of 2021.

Crypto reason

Cryptoground predicts that XMR could soar to $ 118 by the end of 2020. They even added their version of the XMR Price Prediction 2024, stating that XMR could hit $ 496 by 2024.


Digitalcoinprice made a slightly positive forecast that XMR could potentially be only 30-40% more valuable by the end of 2021 than it is now – $ 87 per coin.

XMR Future: 2023, 2025, 2030

XMR price prediction 2023

XMR price prediction 2023

Monero (XMR) is the leading privacy coin with a significant advantage in terms of brand and community size over competitors. However, owners can expect a regulatory attack on Monero, which is both a problem and a compliment: XMR privacy is incomprehensible to them, which makes it a primary target for banishment. Should Monero developers keep working on the project despite possible legal issues, XMR is expected to see its price spike in 2020 – it is very likely that it will hit the old all-time high of $ 495.

XMR price prediction 2025

XMR price prediction 2025

If XMR survives 2025, it would mean people are becoming more aware of the importance of privacy and using XMR defiantly, which would result in the token being worth at least 10-100 times its previous high. That would mean XMR would cost more than $ 4,500 per coin.

XMR price prediction 2030

XMR price prediction 2030

If XMR survives until 2030, it would mean people are becoming more aware of the importance of privacy and using XMR defiantly, which would result in the token being worth at least 100 times its previous maximum. That would mean XMR would cost more than $ 5,000 per coin.

Realistic XMR price prediction

Realistic XMR price prediction

Predicting the price of novel, very volatile and risky asset classes is a thankless task – the best answer is that nobody knows. Presumably, the realistic XMR price will be somewhere between the current price and the all-time high for the foreseeable future.

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