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NEO integrates with Coinbase’s Rosetta and focuses on interoperability

In its pursuit of interoperability, NEO is integrating with Rosetta, an open source project from Coinbase – one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, as published in an August 28 update. Rosetta is a new project that is helping to standardize protocols and provide solutions that promote interaction between blockchains.

NEO and Rosetta deal

NEO – a smart contracting platform that competes with other mainstream protocols like Ethereum, is keen to be interoperable. Right now their deal with Poly Network is helping NEO with cross-chain communications. Now, partnering with Rosetta will help achieve their goals.

In particular, writing code to facilitate interoperability between independent chains is demanding, tedious, and requires a lot of quality checks. Errors can stop processes and block progress as more blockchain projects try to connect to more active public ledgers.

To shorten the pursuit and accelerate these goals, leveraging the expertise of specialized platforms saves time and enables developers to allocate resources to novel solutions and innovations that advance the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

DeFi and interoperability

Interoperability is a positive outcome for both users and the blockchain space.

While the space may seem insignificant compared to traditional markets, its innovation, particularly with the advent of Open Finance or DeFi, is putting smart contracting platforms somewhere on the financial map. DeFi is a decentralized and trusted way to run traditional finance through a public ledger. Most can be found in Ethereum.

However, competing platforms like IOST and NEO have solid plans to create a dynamic DeFi ecosystem by taking advantage of the base chain.

NEO is the founding member of the Poly Network and implements interoperability through their Flamingo Finance – their first DeFi initiative. Flamingo Finance is an interoperable full-stack DeFi protocol with a cross-chain asset gateway for ETH, BTC and ONT.

The updated debugger from NEO

On August 20th, Neo Global Development (NGD) took place in Seattle Approved an updated and revised version of the network debugger for Neo3 Preview3. The goal of this debugger version is to make NEO Smart Contracts behave more like traditional applications that can recover from unexpected behavior.

This is the first implementation of time travel debugging support for exception breakpoints and try / catch exceptions built into Neo3’s VM.

Like in old times reported through Manage BTCr, NEO is a developer-friendly blockchain platform.

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