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NEO Price Analysis: The upward curve of NEO is hitting the bears hard

  • The NEO is following the raising after a lot of efforts by the bulls.
  • The current price of the coin is $11.43 with a total incline of 0.21% during the intraday trading session.
  • The pair of NEO/BTC is around 0.0004873 BTC with a total increase of 1.49%.

The NEO has started to regain its potential after a lot of ups and downs the bulls have got the ball in their court. The bears pushed themselves to enter the trade many times but got failed to bring the downward trend. The bulls have always overcome the defeat by the bears the bulls have given a tough fight and won the battle. The bears will not sit quietly after a subtle defeat they will come back with better strategies to bring the downward trend the bulls have to prepare for the bear’s next move.

The current price of NEO is surfing around $11.43 and has raised approx 0.21% during the intraday trading session. The pair of NEO/BTC is around 0.0004873 BTC and has increased by 1.49% in the last 24 hours. The bears must act immediately. As the bulls have pushed the price of the coin in their court but to bring the price back to the bear’s court the bears have knuckled under and started taking the price to catch some downward momentum to bring some hope to the investors as the bullish trend may take price up to the primary resistance of the $13.1740 and if the bulls get succeed in their further plans and the bears will show the same stillness then the price may reach up to secondary resistance of $14.9087. However, if the bears finally woke up and gathered the guts, they may raise the price to the primary support level.t of $9.1664. And the price may reach up to secondary support of approx $7.9103.

The volume of the NEO has increased by 23.00% during the intraday trading session. The continuous increase in volume indicates that their short-selling pressure is decreasing and the buying is getting stronger. Sellers have to go the extra mile to achieve their desired targets. The volume to market cap ratio is around 0.1021.

The technical indicator shows the following: The relative strength index is in the overbought zone and the buying is getting stronger the sellers have to knuckle under to normalize the price of the NEO. The current RSI is 61.85

which is above the average RSI. the average RSI is 57.61. The price is moving ahead of the 20.50 estimated moving average and is still lagging behind the 100.200 daily moving average. The bulls have to continue the bullish trend to carry forward the investor’s hope

Technical levels

Support Levels: $7.9103. and $9.1664

Resistance Levels: $13.1740 and $14.9087


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