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Neo Receives Approval From the Bank of Spain to Launch a Corporate Multi-currency Account

BARCELONA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Neo has been authorized to offer a multicurrency account for corporates. Neo will now create a PSD2 payment institution which will be supervised by the Bank of Spain.

Neo will allow the account holder to receive, store and pay in around 30 currencies. The Neo account will include an IBAN in the client’s name, and will be fully programmable in order to offer extended automation capabilities to clients. It will rely on a proprietary Core Banking System developed by Neo Fintech Lab in the UK.

The payment services will run alongside the FX hedging services already offered by Neo Capital Markets (the investment services entity of the group). Clients will now be able to hedge 90+ currencies and receive / make payments in 30+ currencies form a single place.

Neo is the first European fintech that offers both investment services (ruled by MIFID2) and payment services (ruled by PSD2) in a single platform.

This converts into a unique gateway to a large range of services. This includes virtual multi-currency accounts for international payments and collections, FX hedging solutions and treasury investment. The platform will allow clients to reduce costs, but more importantly it will allow clients to digitalize their treasury department, automate tasks. Neo will also include features inspired from Treasury Management Systems (TMS) which are normally reserved for large multinationals due to the high cost.

Activities will be supported by the Neo proprietary “Core Banking System,” which will ensure connectivity to clearing systems and the holding of a transactions ledger. Having its own CBS is the guarantee that our clients remain in control of their data all along the chain. Neo CBS is developed in the UK by Neo Fintech Lab.

Laurent Descout, CEO: “Our vision back in 2017 was to create a platform that can replace the old fashioned banking platform. Operating with Neo does not require any complex installation. It is 100% on demand with the client being in complete control. The platform ensures clients can reduce costs and increase efficiency by reducing manual tasks and improving processes. Our 100% API approach also offers clients great automation possibilities.”

The Neo multi-currency account will be available start 2020 in Spain, France, UK and Poland.

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