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New Cosmos USA announces new leadership and branding strategy

New cosmos USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd., which has a 70% share of the residential natural gas alarm market in the United States Japan and has sold more than 70 million residential natural gas alarms worldwide. The company’s natural gas alarm product, now marketed in the United States under the DeNova Detect brand, will continue to be the most reliable and economical solution to real-world gas leak explosions in residential areas, saving lives and preventing catastrophic property damage. DeNova Detect Wireless Natural Gas Alarms, through third-party testing *, provide the most resilient solution to residential gas leak explosions: they alert residents earlier and allow utilities to monitor alarms and respond quickly.

“Demand for natural gas alarms is growing in the US, driven by both an urgent need to reduce the risk of fatal gas explosions and important safety standards on the horizon from agencies such as UL and NFPA,” he said Masahiro Kato, CEO of New Cosmos USA. “Our natural gas alarms offer significant competitive advantages and we are proud to be the partner of choice for leading utilities, including conEdison. Ron’s marketing leadership and extensive regulatory experience will be a key asset to our continued position as market leader in the EU its industry. “

Previously, Lazarus was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Firex, a leading manufacturer of smoke alarms. During his tenure, he increased the company’s market share from 10% to 75% and sales from $ 60 million to $ 100 million. That success put him in the role of President of Universal Security Instruments, where he introduced new smoke and CO alarm technologies and significantly increased the company’s share price, resulting in USI being consecutively listed in the Fortune Top 100 Small Business Magazine .

“I am honored to join New Cosmos USALazarus, a company uniquely positioned in the industry to provide solutions for both consumers and utilities. “Building on the strength of our sensor technology and product design, the introduction of the DeNova Detect brand enables us to expand our educational efforts to reduce the risk of gas explosions here in the United States.”

The company’s flagship wireless alarm is the first battery powered AMI natural gas alarm available. New Cosmos’ proprietary sensor, a hot wire semiconductor sensor with MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology, enables the alarm’s superior responsiveness, smaller size and lower power consumption. The easy-to-install alarm is specifically designed for utility companies to be easy to install and monitor for potential gas leaks in residential buildings.

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* Validated by the Gas Technology Institute Report, Evaluation of Residential Methane Detectors, Phase III. Project No. 21696.

About New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd.

New Cosmos has been a global leader in gas detectors and gas alarm systems for more than 60 years. We have developed a complete product portfolio that includes combination alarms for fire, explosive gas and carbon monoxide, fixed gas detectors, portable gas detectors and odor indicators with our unique gas sensor technology. New Cosmos is the world’s leading provider of methane detectors for private households. Our mission is to prevent accidents at home and at work. We strive to make the environment safe and comfortable. New Cosmos offers products and services to meet customer needs and develop innovative products that are always one step ahead. Visit us:

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