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OKEx Earn Now supports Uniswap Liquidity Mining for passive income generation

OKEx Earn, a collection of DeFi services offered by global crypto spot and derivatives trading giant OKEx, enables users to generate passive income from their crypto holdings. The earn program offers a range of services with the potential to generate good returns over time while allowing users to keep their crypto assets.

According to the platform, OKEx Earn is mainly powered by two services – OKEx Pool and OKEx Loans, which together offer six different ways for users to gain passive income in cryptocurrencies through savings, time deposits, wagers, C2C loans and DAI collection with MakerDAO and liquidity mining with DeFi tokens.

As a successful offer, OKEx Earn continues to receive constant upgrades in the form of support for new tokens. The latest addition is the introduction of Uniswap contracts for mining for OKEx Earn users. In a recent statement, OKEx announced that the integration of the Uniswap protocol into its earn program officially went live on September 19, 2020.

Support for Uniswap mining on OKEx Earn exactly follows the listing of UNI tokens two days earlier on the exchange platform. UNI’s spot trading on OKEx went live on September 17th against USDT, ETH and BTC pairs. Other trading products that support UNI are margin, swap trading, perpetual swap with coin edge and savings. Shortly after it was listed on OKEx, UNI’s price soared 270% to $ 3.70.

The Uniswap Liquidity Mining program is only available for four crypto pairs, namely ETH-USDT, ETH-USDC, ETH-DAI, and ETH-WBTC. OKEx Earn also offers users the flexibility to redeem them at any time in order to unlock the set assets within 24 hours and earn the UNI bonus at the same time.

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