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Online Solana sports betting, sports betting that Solana accept

Buying Solana is the first step in betting with Solana (or, if you prefer, betting on Solana) as you cannot use or benefit from the stuff until you actually have some. Fortunately, with the SOL crypto coin being so popular, buying SOL is as easy as buying BTC, ETH, or any other notable asset.

The simplest – and easiest – approach is to buy Solana online on a commercial cryptocurrency exchange. And since all of the top exchanges work more or less the same, just create your account, verify your identity, link your credit / debit card and / or bank account, and once you’ve settled on an exchange, buy Solana to your heart’s content .

Other crypto buy-in methods that Bitcoin bettors often use – like the cell-to-bitcoin betting method or the cash app-to-bitcoin method – are just bitcoin. You cannot directly use these options to buy Solana crypto, but you can always use them to buy BTC which you can trade against SOL on the various exchanges.

However, this is almost always more of a hassle than it’s worth, although it allows you to bypass the annoying waiting times for new users to be exchanged (see next tab).

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