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Organize in Mylio Photos, Edit in Luminar Neo

Mylio Photos does an amazing job organizing my media library and keeps all of my photos and videos accessible, no matter what device I’m using (phone, tablet, or computer). While Mylio Photos has basic editing tools, I prefer doing my editing in applications that offer more creative options. such as Luminar Neo. Neo offers fantastic AI-based editing options that make help me edit and stylize my photos.

Luminar Neo also has a basic library option, but Mylio Photos offers a far more robust platform for organizing my photos and syncing them across devices. It also works exceedingly well with a variety of editing applications so by organizing in Mylio Photos and editing in Luminar Neo, I get the best of both worlds.

Organize in Mylio Photos

Start by adding your images to Mylio Photos. Add keywords, categories, GPS data and more to make your media easy to find later. You can also cull your photos — add flags to your favorites, and use star ratings and/or color labels. Once you’ve identified your favorites, it’s time to edit in Luminar Neo.

Edit in Luminar Neo

Select a photo (or series of photos), then open the photo menu in the top menu bar. Choose Open With, and select Luminar Neo. If you don’t see Luminar Neo in the list, choose Other… and navigate to the application on your hard drive.

Apply your creative edits in Luminar Neo.

Mylio Photos and Luminar Neo

When you’re ready, open the Files menu in the top menu bar, and choose export.

Export your image with the following settings:

  • Choose the folder where the original is located — this will save a copy of the edit next to your original
  • Add a description to the file name — I often use _Neo so DC-Virginia-42.cr3 becomes DC-Virginia-42_Neo.TIFF
  • Choose your file format — For archival, choose tiff. For online sharing and general use, choose JPG.

Mylio Photos and Luminar Neo

Click Save, then return to Mylio Photos. Once it has had a chance to scan the folder for changes your edited copy will appear next to your original.

Mylio Photos and Luminar Neo

Mylio Photos and Luminar Neo make a great combination. Both applications have their strengths, and by using them together, I’m able to keep my media library organized and synced with all of my devices and make use of one of the best photo editors on the market.

Want to learn more? Check out this complete walk-through video from Rich Harrington.

In the spirit of full disclosure, it is worth noting that I recently joined the Mylio team — they are pretty awesome and I’m impressed by what they have to offer. Feel free to send any questions my way in the comments below!

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