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Oryen Network Develops Automated Passive Income Platform, While Uniswap Ventures Into NFTs

A passive income stream offers predictable and continuous returns via a native crypto project in decentralized finance. Oryen establishes an efficient automated passive income platform to provide unlimited possibilities regarding yields, while Uniswap ventures into NFTs.

Oryen (ORY) – Next Level Automated Passive Income Platform

Oryen offers potential investors a chance to partake in achieving unprecedented automated passive income via its automated staking functionality. Oryen’s one-of-a-kind financial protocol, OAT (Oryen Autostaking Technic) autostaking feature is a simplistic function called Buy-Hold-Earn.

The Buy-Hold-Earn operates as such: By simply buying ORY tokens and holding them in your wallet, you are entitled to earn rebase rewards directly to your wallet. Essentially your tokens will increase every 60 minutes. Via a positive rebase formula, Oryen enables a daily token distribution directly in correlation to the daily rebase rewards, pegged at a rate of 0.177% of the total amount of ORY tokens held in your wallet.

Rebase rewards are distributed on each rebase period to every ORY holder. Ultimately, without moving their ORY tokens from their wallets, Oryen holders receive an annual compound interest of 90%. Steven Clarke, a crypto enthusiast, and big-time investor speak about the fascinating features Oryen provides in his video review.

Oryen offers rebase tokens. A rebase token is a unique token whose supply in circulation contracts or expands due to changes in the price of the token. The increase or decrease in the action of the supply is known as rebasing. The OAT protocol utilizes a positive rebase formula which ensures the increase of the token’s supply to allow ORY holders to keep growing their tokens, similar to staking in the traditional sense. Although, with the use of rebasing tokens, Oryen eliminates the need to authorize and traditionally stake your tokens.

Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is a decentralized trading-exchange protocol that facilitates automated trading for defi tokens. It was launched in November 2018, and it focuses on providing automated trading opportunities for anyone who holds a token whilst improving the trading experience as compared to traditional exchanges. UNI, its native token is the governance token of Uniswap that allows users to vote on future upgrades of the protocol. Uniswap also ventures into the NFT space by offering users the platform to buy and sell NFTs across multiple NFT listings at better prices.


Oryen upholds the true essence of a decentralized system that works. In terms of utilities that achieve unusual returns and a high level of market embracement and participation, Oryen is a top choice for an automated passive income generator.

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