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Participate In The Big Eyes Coins Presale And Earn Potentially Higher Returns Than Ripple And IOTA

Due to their ease of use and security, cryptocurrency assets have steadily accumulated a loyal following of devoted supporters over time. Every day, a new coin is introduced, and this draws the attention of the market. As per the latest crypto news, the meme coin Big Eyes (BIG) is making its presence felt and has managed to build a loyal fan base in a short period. In this article, we highlight a few hot cryptocurrencies, including Big Eyes Coin ($BIG), Ripple ($XRP), and IOTA ($MIOTA).

Big Eyes Coins Provides Stiff Competition To Other Meme Coins

After its impressive debut this year, Big Eyes Coin, a recently launched cryptocurrency token, intends to rule the DeFi meme coin market. Numerous benefits and potential for passive income are in-built into the cryptocurrency, all of which are sure to catch the attention of prospective presale buyers. The smart contract that powers the BIG token has been verified by Solidity. CoinSniper has also verified the platform.

BIG, the platform’s native token will provide financial support to organizations dedicated to the preservation of marine life. There will be significant donations made to those charitable causes throughout the presale. By aiming to enter the top 10 NFT positions, Big Eyes developers will eventually add NFTs to the platform. They will also keep up their engaging presence on social media and cryptocurrency exchanges with 5% of their funds going to the advertising wallet. In addition, the founders are also thinking about launching a platform for swapping, which would let users exchange tokens for Big Eyes.

To begin with, the creators have promised to provide 80% of the $200 billion in tokens currently in existence for the presale event, with 5% of those tokens going to various charitable organizations. The BIG Token has had one of the best presale events in the market and has been well received by users, just as analysts had predicted. The platform has launched its phase 7 presale and has raised over $11.2 million already. Moreover, analysts anticipate a sharp rise in the value of the coins in the future. Also, users can purchase coins using either Wallet Connect or MetaMask wallet. BIG coins can be purchased using BNB, ETH, or USDT and get them transferred to the wallet once the sale is over. When purchasing from the presale use code SUSHI729 to get exclusive content and bonuses!

Ripple Announces $250M Creator Fund To Foster Innovation In The Crypto Industry

David Schwartz, Jed McCaleb, and Arthur Britto founded Ripple in the year 2021. The open-source platform aims to complete transactions in a matter of seconds. The platform’s energy efficiency makes it a viable alternative to the Bitcoin blockchain. For micropayments on the platform, the native token XRP is used by the network. To validate network transactions, the ledger network XRPL employs a federated consensus mechanism. With $50 million coins in circulation right now, the maximum supply is $100 billion coins. According to reports, Ripple has announced a $250 million Creator Fund to foster innovation in Tokenization, facilitating the creation of functional NFTs on XRPL across industries.

IOTA Was Selected By European Commission For The Final Phase

Serguei Popov, David Sonstebo, Dominik Schiener, and Sergey Ivancheglo founded IOTA. IOTA uses a distributed ledger system called Tangle, which is a network of nodes that confirms transactions. Due to the absence of blockchain, there are no miners to mine the coins and hence the network does not levy any fees. IOTA aims to offer limitless throughput at low cost, whereas many established networks see costs soar as congestion worsens. IOTA’s goal is to establish itself as a standard platform for IoT device transactions. This new approach means that the size and speed of a network are directly related to the number of people using the platform. Moreover, any new transactions performed on the network are validated by approval of the previous transaction on another node. The platform’s native token is MIOTA, and it has a circulating supply of $2.78 billion. According to reports, the European Commission has selected IOTA for the final phase of Phase 2B – of the EU blockchain PCP that is developing and testing different innovative solutions that could bring further improvements.

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