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QEBR management is discussing the approval of major crypto trading exchanges to offer Filecoin

NEW YORK, 4th August 2020 / PRNewswire / – QEBR (OTC: QEBR) announced today that several global crypto trading platforms have announced their respective filecoin trading and storage capabilities. This enables strong third party validation of Filecoin (FIL) as the cryptocurrency approaches mainnet launch in the second half of 2020. QEBR previously announced that its in-house software engineering team has made great strides in developing a crypto environment that is highly efficient at mining FIL with plans for multiple data centers around the world. These major blockchain trading exchanges include:

Coin List:
Coinlist directed the $ 204 million The sale of Filecoin SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) in 2017 enabled 2,100 accredited investors from over fifty countries to invest in Filecoin. After the launch of the Filecoin mainnet, Coinlist is expected to support the trading of Filecoin as the primary distribution channel for the tokens.

Gemini is a digital currency exchange and wealth insurance platform that enables customers to buy, sell and store digital assets. Gemini was created by the Winklevoss twins who own more than $ 1 billion in cryptocurrency assets and have invested in many leading technology companies.

Coinbase Custody offers secure offline storage solutions for institutional purposes, insurance coverage and business over $ 8 billion in crypto assets.

Anchorage announced that it will support the custody of Filecoin and the activation of contracts when the mainnet launches. The company serves as a blockchain security and trading platform and is supported by companies such as Visa, Andreesen Horowitz and Blockchain Capital.

Jun LiangQEBR’s Chief Technology Officer stated, “The market validation of these highly credible trading platforms gives QEBR even greater confidence in our Filecoin mining developments. For example, Gemini has a conservative approach to its platform and only lists five other assets: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin and Zcash. If Gemini and the Winklevoss twins also add Filecoin to their portfolio, the future of FIL will be hugely credible.

Liang continued, “QEBR firmly believes in the future of Filecoin and is making every effort to become a strong player in FIL mining. We expect mining operations around the world with our first FIL mining in Thailand. This installation will be a gateway.” to the forecast strong demand in Malaysia, South Korea, the Phillipines, Indonesia, and Japan. “

About Filecoin:
The Filecoin project is a decentralized storage system in the cloud. The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) requires FIL coins as payment to miners in exchange for storage space.

Filecoin was developed by Protocol Labs and is a decentralized storage network. The network is expected to provide a way for owners of unused storage to monetize their storage capacity. It is also expected that the cost of reliably storing data will be reduced. Given the large amount of unused storage in data centers and hard drives around the world, there is a natural market for this service.

About QEBR:
QEBR is the trading symbol for Virtual Medical International, Inc., a Nevada Group. QEBR develops or acquires promising technology companies from around the world that specialize in computing, storage, encryption and analysis.

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Source: Jun Liang, QEBR Chief Technology Officer


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