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Relai, based in Switzerland, provider of a Bitcoin investment app, acquires CHF 2.5 million in capital from the Swiss VC Redalpine, Others

Based in Switzerland relay, the provider of a bitcoin investment app, has announced that it is on a Series A round led by. Secured capital of CHF 2.5 million Swiss VC Redalpine. The financing was acquired less than a year after the company entered the market.

Relai has also received funding from Polytech company, Bitcoin-focused Lightning company, and ACE & company, an investment group with over CHF 1 billion in assets under management (AUM).

The proceeds from the investment round should enable Relai to develop its own broker for fast and efficient order processing and to introduce new product offerings for investors who are interested in buying large quantities of Bitcoin (BTC).

Relai also plans to offer functions such as instant purchases (price lock), optimization / improvement of execution processes as well as direct delivery to the user-controlled wallet of choice (either Relai or another third-party provider) with its own brokerage services. .

Relai’s management announced that they are also planning to acquire a financial intermediary license to support their range of products and services.

Julian Liniger, Co-Founder and CEO of Relai, noted:

“With our own broker, the Relai app will not only be the easiest, but also the most efficient way to buy and sell Bitcoin in Europe. The entire team is proud and incredibly excited to have the support of such world-class venture capital investors as Redalpine, Polytech, Fulgur and ACE, who understand our vision and trust us to accomplish our mission. “

Peter Niederhauser, Co-Founder and Partner at Redalpine, said:

“We are impressed by the commitment, hard work and rapid growth that the young Relai team has shown over the past year. We want to help accelerate the mass adoption of crypto by making it easier to access its leading currency, Bitcoin. We are happy to be part of the journey and to support this extraordinary Swiss early-stage startup to be successful worldwide. “

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