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Steemit and TRX will integrate soon

After signing a partnership in February 2020 Steemit and TRON are closer to integration. Your new move will help users earn more versatile rewards.

According to the latest announcement, the integration will take place today. After the integration Steemit users can earn TRX rewards for posting on the Steem blockchain. The two teams hope that their partnership and integration will support the overall growth of TRON and Steem.

Earn TRX on Steem Blockchain

Partnerships and integrations are essential steps in the blockchain ecosystem. If two blockchains plan to merge their services, it means that their user bases will also be connected. As a result, the hype surrounding their products can increase.

TRON and Steemit have shown their potential over the years. TRON focuses on a completely decentralized Internet and has provided useful tools for developers. Your TRX token is one of the most famous and the ecosystem is on a continuous growth path. Steemit launched a first-of-its-kind social platform that allows users to earn rewards for their content. Their initiative has resulted in many more similar platforms and aims to disrupt the social media industry.

The partnership between Steemit and TRON consists of several phases. One of the most important events today is the integration of TRX into Steem. According to the announcement::

“The integration not only gives Steemit users more advantages and joins the TRON ecosystem, but Steemit can also offer TRON users a platform for communication and exchange that significantly enriches and further develops the ecosystems of both parties.”

Steemit users are sure to be delighted with the new integration. You can get an additional TRX token for every Steem Power reward. However, there will be no TRX award for STEEM or SBD earnings earned. According to Steemit:

“Posts that are set to 100% Power Up and receive all rewards like Steem Power will therefore receive twice as many TRX as posts that are set to 50% SBD / 50% SP. TRX is also earned in the same 1: 1 ratio from curation rewards. So if you have more Steem Power to tune, you’ll also earn more TRX through curation. “

The other important part of the integration is focused on new Steem users. You will automatically be given a TRON account so that you can request additional TRX tokens. Steemit will also show a popup for existing users asking them to create a TRON account. After all, the two blockchains seem to be very focused on the new partnership to help their community grow faster.

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