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Stellar Solutions Announces Leadership Change in Defense Programs

Betsy Pimentel, Stellar Solutions

Betsy Pimentel has provided Stellar Solutions with valuable technical expertise in defense policy, program management, and in-depth knowledge of customer and contractor relationships. – Celeste Ford, founder and CEO of Stellar Solutions

The Silicon Valley aerospace company Stellar Solutions has announced that its longtime vice president for defense programs, Betsy Pimentel, will take on an advisory role with effect from July 1st. Part of the U.S. Air Force Academy’s First Class Women in 1976, Pimentel has accumulated 40 years of proven experience in all aspects of space systems design, procurement, and operations, systems engineering and defense program management.

“Betsy has provided Stellar Solutions with valuable technical expertise in defense policy, program management, and in-depth knowledge of customer and contractor relationships. We are incredibly grateful for Betsy’s outstanding leadership and presence over the past 17 years, ”said Celeste Ford, Founder and CEO of Stellar Solutions.

Betsy Pimentel’s successor is Janet Grondin, who joined Stellar Solutions in 2018 as Director of Emerging Space Capabilities after supporting Northrop Grumman Corporation as Director of Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) Exploitation Systems and Operations Director for MILSATCOM and the National Program’s ground systems would have. Prior to this, Grondin spent 25 years with the US Air Force in numerous leadership positions, in project management and technical functions, and developed significant expertise in command, acquisition, program management and systems engineering for space and ground systems. These positions included the head of the area and network department that oversaw the east and west areas; Air Force Satellite Control Network and Standard Space Trainer; Program Manager for the Global Positioning System (GPS) Operational Control segment; Program element monitor for space situation awareness and special access; and a Director of Engineering who supports the National Reconnaissance Office.

As VP of Defense Programs, Grondin will lead and oversee Stellar Solutions’ robust technology, management and expert solutions for Ministry of Defense clients related to space and missile systems for national protection and security. These efforts include superior space, enterprise integration start, and web service development programs. Major programs such as GPS and the space-based infrared system; and related skills serving the Air Force in missile warning, weather, precise navigation and timing, and communications. Stellar Solutions has built an exemplary commitment to ensuring continuity of global operations in the event of a threat. The company, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020, recognizes and leverages this legacy of success that stems from the decades of dedication of dedicated executives like Betsy Pimentel and positions its team and skills to address critical needs for the next 25 years to satisfy the customers.

Chief Executive Officer Michael Lencioni stated, “We are also excited to continue the rich history of Stellar as a women-owned company by maintaining our comparatively high percentage of women in leadership positions. There are five points of the stellar “star”: Secret Service, Defense, Civil, Trade and International. Among the executives at Stellar Solutions, the CEO, CFO, Executive VP and six Vice Presidents, there are three women. In addition to Janet, we have Melissa Farrell as VP of commercial programs and Amy Chaput as VP of civil programs. In addition to Celeste Ford and Betsy Pimentel, who continue to hold important management positions, women are responsible for a large part of these key technical businesses – another example of our company ‘Leading the Way’. “

Stellar Solutions: Effective Performance on Earth and in Space

Stellar Solutions was founded in 1995 by Celeste Ford with the vision of meeting critical customer needs while realizing employee dream jobs. Stellar Solutions is a small company providing government and industrial customers with highly effective engineering expertise in a range of professional and technical disciplines. Stellar Solutions has been recognized as one of the best small and medium-sized workplaces in the US by Fortune Magazine and Great Place to Work® since 2014, and recently received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the country’s highest award for excellence and sustainability.

Serving the intelligence, defense, civil and commercial sectors, Stellar Solutions provides rapid response capabilities in global surveillance and cybersecurity, space exploration, risk management and technology optimization. These solutions to the critical needs of customers include satellites in space, sensors on earth, and intricate technology connections across multiple borders. This agile company has gained a competitive advantage by pushing the boundaries between key programs and leveraging the expertise of its entire seasoned workforce on technical challenges. We offer global reach through international sister companies and programs in the UK and continental Europe, as well as social responsibility with our foundation and QuakeFinder’s humanitarian research and development efforts.

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