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Stellar Solutions marks a 25-year milestone as a leading service provider for aerospace systems technology in women ownership

Celeste Ford, chairman of the board of directors of Stellar Solutions

25 years ago I founded Stellar Solutions with the vision of providing effective solutions to the critical needs of customers while realizing our employees’ dream jobs. These complementary core business principles have never been more important today. – Stellar Solutions Board Chair Celeste Ford

Stellar Solutions, Inc., a global women-owned aerospace and systems technology provider, is celebrating its 25th anniversary as part of Women’s History Month by celebrating the customers and employees who made this journey possible.

The Stellar Solutions “star” symbolizes five business areas: trade, defense, intelligence, civil and international business areas in which the company is actively working to creatively “cross borders” to find the best solutions for its customers and aviation and space and systems engineering to deliver capabilities that include satellites in space, sensors on earth, and intricate technology links across borders. With physical offices in California, Colorado, greater Washington DC, London and France, as well as employees in the US and worldwide, Stellar Solutions has become a recognized leader in providing comprehensive critical, problem-solving knowledge and skills in dozens of major programs.

“25 years ago, I founded Stellar Solutions with the vision of providing effective solutions to the critical needs of customers while realizing our employees’ dream jobs. These complementary core business principles have never been more important today to maintain the agility and know-how that have made us a “long-lived company”, ”said Celeste Volz Ford, CEO.

The company was founded in 1995 based on this compelling vision and a determination to meet a market need based on Ford’s 17 years of experience as an aerospace engineer and technology manager for programs such as the Space Shuttle program. Stellar Solutions hired an elite cadre of like-minded scientists and engineers within its first year, including the company’s current CEO, Michael Lencioni.

“We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our customers over the years and which focus on their high performance projects. We have partnered with them to make progress in both times of disruption and times of innovation, and we will continue to focus on critical solutions, ”Lencioni said. These skills included awareness of the space situation, continuity of operations, satellite communications, and next generation defense and cyber systems.

Stellar Solutions works with federal organizations within the Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense (primarily US Air Force), and the Civil Space Community (primarily NASA and NOAA). On the commercial side, Stellar Solutions has engaged numerous established space systems companies as well as new entrants in the aerospace industry. The company expanded worldwide in 2004 and intensified its efforts with international programs. The government programs sector was spun off in 2011 to serve certain intelligence customers, and the Defense Support and Cyber ​​group was formed in 2014 as part of the company’s defense sector to address a new critical customer need.

Stellar Solutions has an exceptional number of women in leadership positions: three out of eight technical vice presidents were women as of March, in addition to Ford, who remains chairman of the board. These female executives include Vice President, Defense Programs, Betsy Pimentel; Janet Grondin, director of Emerging Space Capabilities; Vice President, Commercial Programs, Melissa Farrell; and Vice President, Civil Programs, Amy Chaput.

Important milestones for Stellar Solutions:

1995: In its first year of business, the company signs contracts with pioneering satellite company Space Imaging (now DigitalGlobe) and begins a long history of commercial and defense support.

1998: Established the Stellar Solutions Foundation to support community organizations and charities.

2000: Stellar Ventures is founded as an investment firm and incubator to promote early technology development and market applications. It was restarted in 2017 to take advantage of the disruption to the aerospace industry (“new space”) caused by the company.

2000: The Stellar Advisor program is launched to recruit senior senior engineers part-time and supplement a full-time employment.

2001: QuakeFinder is founded as a humanitarian research and development division of Stellar Solutions. It becomes the world’s leading private earthquake prediction research organization devoted to discovering methods to alert communities of impending devastating earthquakes.

2003: QuakeSat, a collaboration between QuakeFinder and Stanford University, is one of the first CubeSats ever launched on a two-year proof-of-concept mission to collect earthquake precursor signals from orbit. Stellar Solutions is the first small company to successfully build, launch and operate its own satellite.

2003: Betsy Pimentel, VP, Defense Programs, joins Stellar Solutions.

2004: Stellar Solutions Aerospace Ltd. launched for customers in the UK and Europe under the direction of Melissa Farrell, VP, Commercial Programs.

2004: Kevin Girkins joins Stellar Solutions; In 2011 appointed VP for the new Government Programs Sector.

2004: Walt Eilers joins Stellar Solutions; was promoted from Director to Vice President, Intelligence Programs in 2018.

2009: Celeste Ford receives the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

2012: Punch Moulton becomes VP of the new Stellar Solutions, Defense Support and Cyber ​​Sector.

2014: Stellar Solutions wins first continuous annual recognition (2014-2019) as Fortune Magazine Great Place to Work Award for Small and Medium Business.

2017: Stellar Solutions wins the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the country’s highest award for excellence and sustainability.

2018: Stellar Solutions Aerospace France is founded to serve overseas customers.

2019: Michael Lencioni is named CEO of Stellar Solutions and Celeste Ford becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors.

2020: Richard Rogers named first executive vice president for Stellar Solutions. Amy Chaput is VP, Civil Programs.

2020: Celeste Ford named winner of the 2020 Enterprising Women of the Year Awards, an annual honor widely recognized as one of the most prestigious recognitions for women entrepreneurs.

2020: Stellar Solutions celebrates its 25th anniversary.

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