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Stellar (XLM) May Debase Ripple (XRP) After Tempo Partnership And Coinbase News

Known for silent colossal headway actions, Stellar (XLM) Lumen is moving rapidly apace to place its token, XLM, at the top of the pole ahead of its counterparts.

It is no news that Stellar has been up in the market with mammoth additions to its price and market capitalization, making it take the position of the almighty Litecoin flagged with superiority in everyday use case.

Thanking the latest gigantic Tempo-Stellar partnership, and the news that Coinbase may be listing XLM on its platform, majority predicted that the developments are the primary stimulants of Stellar’s growth in the market.

As the two achievements continue to receive hypes from every angle, there has been claim that as soon as XLM surfaces on Coinbase, the price value of the altcoin will rise to $10 and its next prey will be Ripple.

On July 18, Stellar debased Litecoin to the 7th position while it took the 6th sit on the table. It added about 31% over the last 24hrs and was priced at around $0.30 on that day according to Coinranking. This made Stellar’s market cap robust enough to achieve a northward movement on the table.

Stellar (XLM) Tempo Partnership

Choosing Stellar’s XLM as the facilitating crypto coin for global transfers, the international remittance company, Tempo Money Transfer on July 12 announced an alliance with Stellar foundation where people will be allowed to buy crypto coins with their cash in a service that can be called crypto- to fiat operations.

Stellar Lumens‏, in an acknowledgment tweet, said Tempo would be launching a service in cooperation with its network where crypto-fiat currency exchange will be simplified globally.

Stellar’s (XLM) Coinbase Listing News

A day after the Tempo partnership announcement, Coinbase, in a news which went viral pronounced that it is exploring some five assets, and it will be working with regulators and banks to achieve this.

According to the release, Stellar (XLM) was listed amongst the coins it is exploring. While the full-grown exchange is yet to ascertain whether any of the coins will surely be added, it stated that if added, some of the assets may only be available in some jurisdictions.

Surely, after every news or viral gossip of the listing of a coin on Coinbase, an uprise in value is expected. Stellar danced to the tune, and its price skyrocketed in the market.

How Tempo Partnership May Make Stellar (XLM) Prey On Ripple.

Ripple and Stellar remain a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency performing similar functions in the market. Founded by Jed McCaleb, a co-founder of Ripple, Stellar was designed to deliver related services in the market with the hope of adding new features that will beat Ripple’s.

While it is evident that both are struggling and competing for the remittance industry, many observers have opined that the key to success in this area is partnership with big and credible financial companies across the world.

Since Ripple has for some time been in space, it has been able to acquire alliance with numerous reputable financial companies and hundreds of banks across the world, giving it an edge over Stellar in the sector.

On the other hand, Stellar’s principal partner for a long time has been the International Business Machines Corp (IBM). Even though IBM remains a big company, Stellar years for more. Stellar’s alliance with the French remittance company, Tempo came as a surprise, because the development will soon open Stellar to the world this time around.

Tempo is already across the world, known for its over 30 year global operation. Tempo holds a firm ground in Europe and South America.

Although Brad Garlinghouse said Ripple’s tool, XRapid will soon expose XRP to the world for more usage, many have opined that a significant dent on Ripple is that many of its partners are not using its token (XRP) for transactions.

Living above this, Stellar in its latest partnership with Tempo will be giving the opportunity to display its currency, XLM to the world.

Tempo, according to the news will be using XLM for quick and cheap international transfers across the world.

Added to that, due to the Tempo’s position in Europe, it has been forecasted that Stellar may be the critical network for Euro-USD transfers in the continent.

Coinbase Listing, Another big thing for Stellar (XLM)

Ripple, among all coins in the market, sees Coinbase listing as sine qua non. The blockchain technology has made attempts to buy its way into the Cryptocurrency exchange platform at all cost by offering cash.

As Coinbase continues to dash Ripple and its lovers’ hope, it came to disbelief when the exchange platform announced that it is exploring some coins where Ripple was not listed.

If Stellar (XLM) which is amongst the coins listed by the exchange for exploration is added to the platform, admittedly, this will be a big edge for Stellar above Ripple.

Stellar Gets Another Boost With IBM And The Muslim League

Recently, Stellar received another lift as IBM announced that it is supporting a stable coin dependent on the altcoin’s blockchain.

Not the end, after receiving an endorsement from Shariyah Review Board (SRB) for Payments and Asset Tokenization, Stellar became the first Sharia-compliant Cryptocurrency.

While trade, payment, loan and more amongst the Muslims are guided by the Sharia law, the achievement serves as a feather on the cap of the altcoin, giving it visa to the Muslim league world.

Meanwhile Ripple tools are recognized in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and in other Middle Eastern countries. Saudi Arabia earlier praised Ripple for saving the country of millions of dollars wasted on cross-border emitting.


Summing all the features, observers have opined that the moon is not just Stellar’s destination, but it may soon debase Ripple in the market.

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