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Swapzone Expanded the Number of BTC to XMR Offers

In a constant process of service development, Swapzone – an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator – increased the number of BTC to XMR offers. The service also updated the Monero exchange page, adding new features and an option of buying and selling the XMR crypto with fiat.


Aug 11, 2022

As a tool aggregating thousands of exchange offers for 700+ cryptocurrencies, Swapzone is incessantly developing its service to increase the number of swap deals — both by listing new crypto assets and expanding the number of offers for existing tickers. This time BTC to XMR exchange pair acquired a significant upgrade — more than 15 exchange offers are now available for Swapzone clients without registration and KYC requirements.

There are also other features newly deployed for Monero (XMR) swaps:

  • Fiat payments — buying and selling XMR with USD, EUR, and other fiat currencies.
  • Exchange widget — all the deals in just one feature that can be integrated into any interface.
  • Fixed or floating rates — possibility to choose any profitable or comfortable option.

Bitcoin (BTC) to Monero (XMR) ticker was one of the most popular swap requests for the last quarter, based on data from Swapzone’s exchange statistics. XMR is Monero’s native privacy coin, and its worth has presumably risen because of Bitcoin and other blockchain networks’ prevalent privacy problems.

*As the cryptocurrency market is marked by high volatility and does not preclude the risk of loss, it is always suggested to do personal research and study multiple resources before making any investment decision or portfolio reorganization. For a start, check the Monero (XMR) price prediction article to learn about XMR price fluctuations and decide on the feasibility of this particular investment.

About Swapzone

Swap zone is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that offers a one-stop shop for locating the best instant exchange deal. Swapzone is a platform that allows traders to browse services, compare exchange rates, and analyze and swap cryptocurrencies all from a single interface. All swaps are custody-free and require no registration. For additional information, please visit


Anna G, Marketing

Source: Swapzone

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