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Synspective, Terra Insight Announce EO Monitoring Solution

Synspective, a Tokyo-based SAR data company and London-based Insight Terra Insight have signed an agreement to deliver a new space enabled data and monitoring solutions for mining industry.

Combining Insight Terra’s cloud-based IoT Platform with Synspective’s analytical models of SAR data in mining and similar businesses, both the companies will work together to provide an integrated product.

The solution will work towards sanctioning near real-time earth observation data for hands-on monitoring and alerts through satellites coupled with ground sensors.

Currently, Synspective operates high-frequency, high-resolution SAR satellites called StriX to provide quality data sets services. The company has three satellites currently in orbit and has planned to establish a constellation of 30 satellites by late 2020s.

Meanwhile, Insight Terra’s mining product Tailings Insight is deployed with a number of mining companies globally which provides monitoring dam tailings.

A combination of these technologies will be utilized to monitor ground movement and land deformation that are risk indicators for potential failures of tailings facilities, mine walls, and water dams, among others.

Founder and CEO of Synspective, Dr. Motoyuki Araistated, “We are excited to be working with Insight Terra to provide space-enabled monitoring of critical infrastructure such as mining operations and tailings dams.”

“With our third StriX satellite and onsite data acquired by Insight Terra, we will greatly increase the availability of analytical data for real-world applications to help prevent and mitigate potential catastrophes. This is a productive step toward realizing a more resilient and sustainable world with data-driven and collective learning approaches,” he added.

Insight Terra co-founder and CEO, Alastair Bovim, commented, “Space has been an important part of Insight Terra’s heritage. Inmarsat, the leading global mobile satellite company, is one of our founding shareholders and key partners, and we have delivered a number of innovative environmental monitoring projects together with Inmarsat and the European Space Agency (ESA).

“Adding Synspective’s earth observation data bolsters our space enabled data and monitoring capabilities and is integral to our mission of protecting people, and the environment, from potential disasters such as the mine tailings facilities collapse in South Africa just this September. The integrated mine monitoring solution that we will deliver in partnership with Synspective including satellite connectivity and earth observation data, real time IoT, and valuable ground truth sensors and data, will be a huge step toward this goal,” he emphasized.

The companies will initially focus on the global mining industry: The World Bank estimates that global mining activity will increase by more than 500% over the next decades in response to the global need for metals and minerals to support the global clean energy transition.

The Tailings Insight solution including new InSAR capabilities will be a leap forward for mining operators, investors and regulators seeking to monitor and mitigate potential mine related disasters affecting people, communities and the environment.

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