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T-Systems MMS promotes the development of the Polkadot ecosystem

The Telekom subsidiary T-Systems MMS has announced its participation in the security and maintenance of the Polkadot network. The company also announced that it has also purchased an unknown amount of DOT tokens.

T-Systems MMS is working with Polkadot to help maintain its blockchain

German telecommunications giant T-Systems MMS has teamed up with Polkadot to help maintain and develop cross-chain communications solutions. In particular, according to the company, the joint efforts will help improve parachain communications and other networks.

T-Systems multimedia solutions is a subsidiary of the German telecommunications giant T-Systems GMBH. It’s not the first time this subsidiary has worked closely with a crypto company. It previously worked with Chainlink, Dapper Labs, and Celo.

The company also aims to help establish secure communication between different blockchains. Hence, the conclusion and success of this partnership will be recognized in her books as an accomplishment for her mission.

The company also found that interoperability is the biggest challenge facing today’s crypto industry. You also noticed the innovative evolution of the Polkadot innovation, which includes the interoperability of different chains.

Like T-Systems MMS to improve Polkadot. wants to contribute

Speckle now has fully functional parachains. It has a main chain known as a relay chain and side chains known as a Paracets who communicate with each other at work. Therefore, T-Systems MMS wants to help with this setup as a validator. It will help secure communication between the chains and create a seamless flow of information between them.

The company will also offer its Open Telekom Cloud feature, which enables improved security and proper operation of the network. This function fulfills the requirements of the European legal framework for use in such a project. T-Systems MMS also revealed that the feature also supports decentralization and thus increases the resilience of the entire network.

According to the Head of Blockchain Solutions at T-Systems MMS, DR. Andreas Dittrich, it is a tradition in the company to support such partnerships. Polkadot is a homogeneous multichain network that allows other chains to function with a common security system. Therefore, they believe that the network should be a networked world in the future.

Polkadot continues to innovate to support its ever-expanding ecosystem.

Polkadot recently announced the launch of the first five parachains in its chain. These chains will help the network achieve its goals of supporting full communication between the blockchains.

This Paracets work individually, but also rely on a central blockchain called the relay chain. It ensures that the other chains on the network communicate seamlessly.

In order for the entire network to remain decentralized, each parachain must follow its security protocols and comply with the relay chain. These parachains also have additional layers of encryption to improve security and smart contracts for DeFi.

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