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Teledyne Imaging introduces COSMOS – the next generation of high-performance large-array cameras for astronomy

Teledyne Imaging’s COSMOS camera

The new COSMOS camera from Teledyne Imaging is ideal for ground-based astronomy

The new COSMOS camera from Teledyne Imaging is ideal for ground-based astronomy

WATERLOO, Ontario, March 9, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Teledyne Imaging, part of Teledyne Technologies [NYSE: TDY], is proud to introduce COSMOS ™, large format, backlit (BSI) CMOS cameras optimized for astronomy. COSMOS was developed exclusively by Teledyne Imaging and draws on decades of experience in the development of CCD and CMOS sensors and cameras to enable new possibilities in ground-based astronomical imaging.

Based on Teledyne’s proprietary LACera ™ image sensor technology, COSMOS provides frozen, low-noise performance on a multi-megapixel scale with global shutter, 18-bit readout and glow reduction technology. COSMOS addresses many of the challenges of today’s CMOS technology by maintaining performance as it scales to larger formats and combining speed and low noise.

COSMOS is available in the sensor sizes 3k x 3k, 6k x 6k and 8k x 8k for a maximum field of view. COSMOS large array cameras offer a peak quantum efficiency of> 90% for high sensitivity and over 50 fps for the detection of dynamic events. Further advantages are 0.7 e-read noise for the detection of weak objects and deep cooling to ensure a low dark current. An advanced pixel structure enables real global shutter in addition to back-lit CMOS.

COSMOS cameras meet the needs of many researchers, especially those with applications in ground-based astronomy. These applications include orbital object tracking, time domain astrophysics, and exoplanet research. The COSMOS hardware and software were designed with flexibility in mind to meet customer specific requirements for adapting to different telescopes.

We are very excited about the potential new research that COSMOS will enable and look forward to partnering with the astronomy community to enable their next discoveries, “commented Ravi Guntupalli, Vice President and General Manager, Teledyne Princeton Instruments and Teledyne Photometrics.

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