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Terra Jolé’s Net Worth And Other Facts About The ‘Little Women LA’ Star

Terra Jole may be only 4 feet 2 but she is most certainly a formidable force to be reckoned with. She first burst onto our screens in 2014 on the TV show Little Women: LA, chronicling the lives of a group of women with dwarfism based in Los Angeles.

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The show followed the relationships, lives, and dramas of the women and Terra soon became the breakout star. Known for her fiery, straight-talking personality, when it comes to telling it like it is, no one does it better than Terra. Since her debut on the show, Terra has been on demand, writing books, appearing on Dancing with the Stars as well as lots of other ventures. What some may not know is Terra was already a star of sorts prior to appearing on the show, having performed on stage with stars such as Miley Cyrus and guest-starring on the film Jackass 3D. Terra has amassed quite a fortune from her showbiz career and has many strings to her bow. Let’s take a closer look.


10/10 Terra’s Net Worth

Terra’s net worth is close to $1 million, the official figure is $800,000. She not only appeared on Little Women LA, but was also executive producer for the show and spinoffs Little Women: NY, Little Women: Terra’s Little Family, and Little Women: Dallas. She is also a member of the Producers Guild of America.


9/10 TV and film careers

Although Terra first appeared on our screens in Little Women LA in 2014, she was actually working in showbiz long before that. Terra has appeared in CSI: Las Vegas, Jackass, Austin Powers III, Midgets Vs Mascots, The Hungover Games, and even Jerry Springer! The episode FYI was called Invasion of the Little People Part 2!

8/10 music career

Not only has Terra performed onstage with stars such as Miley Cyrus, Cyndi Lauper, and T-Pain, but she also wrote and released her own original music singles, Booty Bee and Imma Let You Know, followed by Penny’s Playlist, a full album of children’s songs dedicated to her daughter, Penelope. She has also worked as a mini-Britney and mini-Lady Gaga impersonator.

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Terra is mom to not one, not two, but three children all close in age, with her husband fellow LWLA star Joe Gnoffo. Her kids all have unusual names; Penelope Charlevoix Grayson Vincent D’artagnan and Magnolia August. Despite having her hands full with 3 kids and all her business ventures, Terra also found time to launch, a website that features original content for both moms and children.

6/10 animal lover

Terra has adopted, fostered, and rehomed many animals over the years and is a supporter and volunteer for the non-profit organization Forte Animal Rescue. Terra’s dogs seem to have a habit of photobombing their social media pics, as seen here. Must be FOMO. She has recently allowed her kids to try horse riding, though admits it makes her nervous.

5/10 Published Author

Terra likes to read and also published her own book in 2017, Fierce at Four Foot Two. The book details Terra’s life and how she has overcome prejudice and bigotry in Hollywood and life despite being born with achondroplasia, a form of short-limbed dwarfism, and its many challenges.

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4/10 Model And Spokesperson

Terra is part of the #IAmMe campaign which aims to fight back against cyberbullying with messages such as End Racism, Stop Body-Shaming, All Women Are Real Women, Trans Is Beautiful and I Am Not A Defect. Terra has also featured on the cover of Las Vegas Baby magazine, see below. looking beautiful

3/10 dancing

Terra made history when she was the first contestant with dwarfism to compete on Dancing With The Stars back in 2016. She was partnered with pro dancer Sasha Farber and the couple were eliminated in week 10. Little-known fact, Terra was also a dancer/ ‘Evil Elf’ many moons ago for Ozzy Osbourne’s 2001 show Merry Mayhem.

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2/10 entrepreneur

Terra really is unstoppable, almost like a pocket powerhouse. Alongside all her other fingers in all her other pies, she has also launched her own wines. The first one named Black Girl Moscato caused a little controversy on the show with her co-star Tonya, who objected to the name. However, Terra was unrepentant and refused to change it. The latest wine is Mini Mama Moscato.

1/10 Busy Life, Happy Wife

Despite all of her achievements and her full resume, one of the most important things to Terra is family. She has been happily married to fellow Little Women LA star, Joe Gnoffo, since 2015. The type of dwarfism that Joe has is Pseudoachondroplasia, the same as son Grayson. Their daughters have the same type as Terra, Achondroplasia dwarfism and newest addition, Magnolia, will be tested to see if she also has Pseudoachondroplasia dwarfism. Prior to being with Terra, Joe dated Little Women: NY star Lila Call. Terra and Joe are proof that filming, living and working together can work!

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