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The big reveal: Cardano (ADA) publishes its five-year strategic plan

The CEO of the Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaard, has published a strategic plan for completing various missions. According to the online presentation, the strategy is focused on making Cardano successful and facilitating global adoption.

Short term and long term goals

As part of its short term goals, the Cardano Foundation will offer 50 banks to use their native digital asset (ADA). Onboarding banks allow users to trade their ADA holdings against various fiat currencies through the platform’s blockchain.

Another short-term goal is to reduce third party engagement when trying to connect to other blockchain projects. According to Fred, this goal can be achieved as soon as Cardano increases the on-chain activity of users and the number of wallets operated.

Cardano plans to work with at least three Fortune 500 Companies that are introduced to the possibilities of a blockchain network in the long term. More importantly, the foundation looks forward to companies keeping and using ADA.

Around ten Fortune 500 companies are expected to trade or hold the ADA token by 2026. Additionally, the CEO states that the plan also includes the publication of three whitepapers and five case studies with guidance.

A vision for decentralization

The presentation also touched his path to decentralization and revealed that Cardano will be a self-sufficient blockchain. Essentially, the Cardano community will operate and manage the third generation blockchain for the next five years. Once the decentralized facility is in motion, Cardano appreciates that the PoS Blockchain is said to be home to around a billion users.

The decentralization goal will be in line with Voltaire. During the Voltaire era, users have the ability to determine, tune and determine the future of the network as a whole.

The community-led era is funded by the treasury system, which generates funds from a portion of the transaction fees. In return, the funds are used to fulfill suggestions that are voted on by the users.

Additional team members

The Cardano blockchain consists of an impressive team of experienced employees who are committed to supporting Cardano every step of the way to success. Cardano states that the 2021 strategic plan aims to grow its team and add an advisory board within the next 12 to 18 months.

Other key members that will be introduced in the future include council members, a leadership team, and a department body. In addition, security experts will be deployed as Cardano looks forward to introducing a bug bounty program. At the time of writing, the price is from ADA is up up 2.42% in 24 hours, trading at $ 1.44

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