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The Biggest Tezos Hackathon To Date, Now Has Over 5,000 Registered Developers

TezAsia 2022

With the current number of over 5,000 registered developers, the 2022 TezAsia hackathon shows an enormous interest from developers in the Tezos blockchain.

This hackathon, in particular, is showing massive growth in participants.

Last year the same event had 1,422 registrations, so we already see over a 261% increase and with the registration deadline ending on July 8th, an even bigger number can be expected.

The $100,000 prizes and $100,000 grants that can be earned in the event, obviously adds an incentive to participate.

The hackathon includes a series of workshops, mentoring and support. The workshops will cover topics on SmartPy, token standards, integration libraries, Tezos wallets and Tezos Blockchain in general.

During the course of the one-month event, candidates will be allocated a mentor who will provide the required support to build their projects.

TezAsia is open to ALL: newcomers, advanced coders, students, working professionals and blockchain enthusiasts.


The hackathon covers a diverse number of subjects that developers can learn about and work on: DeFi (Decentralized Finance), NFT, Gaming, Tools, Wallets and Web3 integration with Web2.

Any concept can be submitted, but end-to-end implementations obviously increase your chances to win in one of the categories.

Devs can work on their projects solo, or in teams of up to 4 devs.

More information can be found on the website here.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for you to begin developing Web3 projects on the most advanced platforms right away!

Prior blockchain coding experience is beneficial, but not essential! Internships, PPOs, small grants, and other possibilities are also available to any builders who participate and make a valid submission.

All just a step away!”

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