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Orlando, Florida – (Newsfile Corp. – Nov. 8, 2021) – The team behind Solar Dex is preparing to release its native token, Solar, in the near future. It will be one of the few signs that works hand in hand with lobbyists and politicians to show regulators that Defi can become a safe place for investors. Solar has the potential to legitimize defi and give investors the feeling of entering the defi area. Solar Dex will be an easy-to-use exchange with investor safety in mind.


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Decentralized finance (defi) was a tipping point in terms of cryptocurrencies, but it was faced with unfortunate shortcomings. There have been many well-known projects that pull through the infamous rug-pull schemes. Exchanges like Pancakseswap and Uniswap are billions of dollars in volume and making tremendous profits, but they don’t implement safeguards for their customers.

This is where Solar Dex comes in. Solar Dex promises to put an end to all rug pulls by making the Solana network the de facto place for investors. “Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are currently launch pads for meme and scam tokens. Solana is still new in this area and has a lot of growth potential. By integrating automatic liquidity locks into our exchange, we can help ensure that these rugs don’t attract developers from migrating to Solana. “- Richard (CEO of Solar Dex).

Solar Dex’s main goal in the Defi room is to become Solana’s uniswap. Most of the exchanges on Solana have a layout similar to centralized exchanges. The need for simplicity has to come to Solana. Most defibrillator investors are generally new to cryptocurrency and need a simplified way of investing.

In addition to the existing automatic liquidity locks, Solar plans to show investors how much liquidity there is in the pool before making a trade. They also add a “Liquidity Cap” value to their exchange. “Market caps are great for tokens outside of Defi, but it’s unrealistic to justify the value of a project. We conducted an experiment with Binance Smart Chain where we created a token with an offer of 100 trillion and invested 1 token in the liquidity of $ 1, giving us a valuation of $ 100 trillion in market capitalization on chart pages. This made no sense even though it was worth $ 100 trillion, we only had a dollar in liquidity. For this reason, it is important that this “liquidity cap” is in the foreground and centered for investors. “- Richard (CEO of Solar Dex).

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In addition to the exchange that will appear in the near future, Solar Dex will be conducting a pre-sale for its native token Solar in the coming weeks. The primary use case of Solars has been associated with governance, fees, a lottery system, and much more. The collected funds will be used for a Certik exam, liquidity and marketing.

Solar is an idea that was only put into practice two weeks ago and has already won a partnership with JP Deese & Associates. They plan to work hand in hand with their firm to ensure that Defi is safe for every investor. With Solar planning to become the first US-based Solana exchange, their overall goal is to make sure Defi Space is safe for everyone.

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