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The untold truth of Tron

Tron director Stephen Lisberger told D23: “Tron has an analog soul, but it’s a film about CG.” That underlying principle and ultimate philosophy of Tron couldn’t be better embodied than in Tron: Legacy’s epic score, brought to life by Daft Punk’s musical techno wizard. Daft Punk’s acoustic wallpaper for Legacy blends electronic music with live orchestral arrangements, especially strings and percussion, and takes film to a whole new level. For two years, the French duo worked to create an album that eventually comprised two discs, one with the actual film music and the second a soundtrack of dance remixes with a number of other musicians including Crystal Method, Avicii and Moby.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter about the conception of their project, Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter said, “Jeff Bridges’ character looks almost like the Ten Commandments. We liked the idea of ​​taking classic Hollywood scores and comparing them to 1970s electronics and science. “Fiction soundtracks with a much darker feel, like John Carpenter.” They also talked about how the duality of film affects many Levels spoke to them, particularly what reflected their original albums and masked public figures, which further fueled the hybrid nature of their Tron: Legacy score.

And because Tron is a loop between real life and the grid, Daft Punk’s own personal style made it easy for them to comeo on film without compromising a bit on their looks.

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