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The YetAi NFT collection brings artificial intelligence (AI) to the Solana blockchain

YetAi, an unparalleled NFT collection comprised of 8,888 unique collectibles spanning more than 90 traits, recently announced their decision to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Solana blockchain.

The NFT project is the first of its kind – all NFTs are generated entirely by AI.

Official start of TBA

“The release of these well-made, unprecedented and super rare NFTs on Solana will provide potential owners with fast, safe and low gas transactions that will continue to spur the YetAi community to buy swiftly,” reads the official announcement of the Blockchain Choice project .

KI-NFTs to enter the #Metaverse on @solana! Read on to learn more about the @yetai_nft NFT collection made entirely with artificial intelligence: #Solana #SOL #NFT #Crypto #CryptoNews #nftcollector #AI # Web3https: //

– Solana News ☀️ (@SolanaNews) December 30, 2021

According to the origin story, the Ketra-Tundra Yeti tribe was reborn as the YetAi when one of the members came into contact with an AI rune, Visai – an event that changed the Metaverse forever.

A phantom wallet is required to mint YetAis directly from the tribe’s website or to purchase them on Solanart, the largest NFT marketplace on Solana.

“There are currently plans to bring out a range of YetAi merchandise and other goodies for select members. In addition, there is a village under construction on the project’s Metaversum land, ”added the announcement.

The official start will be announced.

Long term vision of the project

Numerous utilities were developed as part of the project to attract owners and community members.

This includes exclusive access to community conferences, seminars and private events, as well as access to one of the project’s more interesting offers – an AI crypto trading bot.

The bot will automatically buy and sell crypto for users – making the trading process easier for those who are less confident in their personal market strategies.

In addition, YetAi plans to reward coin makers with 70% royalties from future NFT sales.

The project’s token release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022, with pre-sale and whitelist dates to be announced.

The tokens are believed to have a governance benefit, alongside the reward for NFT holders and an incentive to continue supporting the project.

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