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Toon Finance Surpasses Theta Network Presale Volume

In cryptocurrency and digital assets, you never know what might come next. The experts call it the universe of mysteries, and they are right about it. So in 2018 when Theta Network was in the news, many thought there would be no better alternative.

In the start, Theta Network was not more than a video and entertainment blockchain but later introduced their NFT project known as Theta Drop. This changed the game, but then came to the Toon Finance Coinbreaking all the records.

Here is a complete guide to help you understand how Toon Finance surpassed many competitors, including Theta Network, during its presale.

Theta Network: All You Need To Know About It

Founded in 2018 as a video streaming and delivery platform, a lot has changed for it in the past years. Now Theta is a decentralized video delivery channel providing various blockchain-enabled solutions for users.

Other than a video delivery solution, there are many products under the banner of Theta Network. Digital assets such as Theta Coins and NFT are one of the top ones.

In addition, the Theta Coins are ECR20 compliant like the Toon Finance Coins. The Theta Network lets users mint new TNT-20 tokens using the Theta blockchain without any smart contract.

This helps crypto lovers to create their digital assets using the Theta blockchain. The Theta Network made a good presale and gathered a generous audience towards it.

Theta Network Presale

The Theta Network held its presale before its launch in 2016 and made a good sale. Since 2018 it’s been up for public sale and had a fixed amount to be sold, that is, 1 billion tokens.

The Theta Coin had a good back from big corporations as the video delivery network is well-connected. But still, the tokens only made around $12 million during their presale.

The amount made during presale is good, but that is because the tokens were sold at a high price. Many other projects, such as Toon Finance, may have made less but sold a higher quantity of tokens.

Toon Finance surpassed the Theta Network presale volume in terms of the number of tokens sold. No doubt, the Theta Network made a good presale during its time but since then the crypto has changed a lot.

Toon Finance Coin Explained

A 2022 memecoin and NFT project that made headlines through its presale. Yes, we are talking about the Toon Finance Coin here. It is one of the best digital assets that is going public in 2023 and about to set some new records.

Bringing a new digital asset into the market, a memecoin, the Toon Finance Coin is a decentralized ECR20-compliant token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, offering a high utility in the digital asset industry.

The Toon Finance creators and the team may be anonymous, but they seem professional due to their vision of the Toon Finance Protocol. Yes, Toon Finance does not offer digital assets but an entire decentralized exchange platform.

The Toon Finance Protocol is a decentralized exchange platform that helps you list, buy and sell NFTs and other digital assets. Be it crypto tokens, memecoins, or any type of digital asset, and the protocol is the perfect place for you.

The main aim of such a protocol is to eliminate any need for intermediaries where you have to pay additional charges to buy or sell digital assets. This was much needed in the crypto industry, and Toon Finance filled the gap perfectly.

In addition, since the protocol is decentralized, you don’t have any higher authority, such as a bank or other financial institutions, to seek approval. You have the ultimate control of your digital assets.

During the presale, it created record-breaking hype in the market and surpassed records of various projects such as Tamadoge, Theta Network, SHIBU, and many others.

How Was Toon Finance Presale Better Than Theta Network

The presale of Toon Finance is one of the latest ones in the industry that went live during the second week of October. Just as the presale went live, people went crazy and managed to get their hands on the Toon Coins. The Toon Finance Coin set its coin quantity as the same as Theta Network, which is 1 billion tokens.

Just during the presale, the Toon Finance Coin managed to sell half a billion or 50% of their fixed quantity in just a few hours of the presale. As this happened, everyone was shocked as Toon Finance made news in the market.

At the start of the presale, Toon Finance sold half a billion tokens, and the presale is still live. This means more coins are being sold every day.

On the other hand, there are still 40% of their billion Theta Networks tokens up for sale after such a long time of their presale. In contrast, Toon Finance sold 50% of their billion tokens during the presale.

This is how Toon Finance successfully managed to surpass the presale volume of Theta Network. Not only Theta Network but the presale of Toon Finance smashed the presale volume of some of the biggest players in the industry.

But many people wonder what in Toon Finance grabbed every crypto lover’s attention. You need to know a lot about Toon Finance if you don’t know the answer.

What Does The Toon Finance Offer?

When investing in a digital asset, this is one question that you will surely think about. Toon Finance is a digital asset project and holds much more than you can imagine. Here is what Toon Finance has to offer that helped it surpass the presale volume of many other projects.

  1. High utility

Offering a high utility is one of the main reasons why it gathered such attention from collectors. You can conveniently use the Toon Finance tokens to purchase any other digital asset. The tokens being ECR20 compliant helps you do so.

You can trade it with any other digital asset that is on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, you can do much more with the Toon Finance tokens through the Toon Finance Protocol.

The presale is one of the best times to invest in digital assets and get your hands on them if you can. Later the prices are surely going to go up and give the investors a huge profit.

  1. Affordable rates

While other digital asset projects tried to sell their products at high rates during the presale to create good hype, Toon Finance did the opposite.

The Toon Finance Coins were sold at such affordable rates that many people couldn’t stop themselves from getting them. It gave the investors a perfect opportunity to invest in a safe and secure asset backed by a decentralized exchange platform.

In addition, getting the tokens during the presale helped investors gain access to the Toon Finance Protocol platform, which opened gates for various opportunities.

  1. The Chance To Be A Part of the Toon Finance Community

If you are a part of the cryptocurrency industry, you would know how important it is to be a part of the project community that you are invested in. It helps you with a lot of information that can benefit you in many ways.

However, being a part of the Toon Finance community helps in many ways. The company announced that it will soon release 10,000 unique NFT characters. And 1,000 NFTs would be airdropped to their first 1,000 community members.

So this hyped everyone, and getting a Toon token could give you the chance to be in the first 1,000s. Soon the NFT project will be launched, and collectors cannot wait for it.

  1. anonymity

Many other digital assets projects require you to provide personal information before making any transaction. However, many don’t see anything wrong with this, but there are many cons to this. For example, you never know when your personal information may be in the hands of cyber hackers.

Therefore, due to Toon Finance being decentralized, you don’t have to worry about providing any piece of your information before making any transaction.

You can safely do anything while protecting your privacy, and nothing to worry about. However, many think that if you don’t use your personal information, there will be no way to connect yourself to your account.

But at Toon Finance Protocol, you don’t have to worry about anything. You will be provided with your unique ID and credentials to help you check your account from any corner of the world.

Final Words

Toon Finance perfectly surpassed one of the oldest tokens in the industry, the Theta Network. No one could’ve imagined, but Toon Finance did many things that no one thought about.

However, this was just the presale that did many unimaginable things. Just wait for the actual release on 1St January 2023 and see what will happen. The project will launch by disrupting the market on the first day of the year. Fans eagerly await the release and see what the project turns out.

Get your Toon Finance coins today. Click here to access the presale interface or find out more here:






Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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