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Trezor Now Supports Cardano Accounts, ‘Allowing You To Store and Transact’ · Cardano Feed

SatoshiLabs, the Prague-based maker of the popular crypto hardware wallet Trezor (“the world’s first cryptocurrency hardware wallet”), has announced that it had added support for Cardano ($ADA) accounts.

Good news from our friends at @Trezor!#Cardano accounts are now available in Trezor Suite, allowing you to store and transact.— Input Output (@InputOutputHK) March 16, 2022

According to SatoshiLabs’ blog post, Trezor Suite version 22.3.2 offers support for Cardano:

“Cardano accounts are now available in Trezor Suite, allowing you to store and transact. Model T users can now manage Cardano transactions and staking directly in Trezor Suite. A guide to using Cardano and staking will be added to Trezor Blog in the following weeks.”

To try this feature, what you need to do is “simply connect your Trezor, open the latest version Trezor Suite and Activate Cardano through the Crypto tab in the Settings menu.” Then, you should “see a new Cardano account including any balances that you may already have stored on your Trezor, including any staked coins.”

Apparently, “staking is managed from your Account dashboard, where you will also find a tab for managing Cardano-based tokens.” If you are one of those “already using a third-party wallet interface such as AdaLite or Yoroi with your Trezor,” there is no need to “do anything to continue using the same hardware wallet in Trezor Suite.” Any staked coins will “remain staked as before.”

The blog post went on to say that “bringing Cardano to Trezor Suite has been a collaborative effort led by the Cardano community” and that “Credit for the technical implementation goes to 5 binaries, an infrastructure development company focused on creating reliable, customized solutions for blockchain industry.”

It also mentioned that this integration was “overseas and coordinated by the Cardano Foundation, in line with their mission to increase Cardano adoption and ensure its positive advancement.”


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