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Trinity Wallet Review, the newly released software wallet from the IOTA Foundation

The IOTA Foundation announced the full release of their Trinity wallet for mobile devices and desktops. The wallet makes it easy to store seeds and send and receive tokens. Read our full review and wallet review.

The IOTA Foundation announced the full release of Trinity after SIXGEN, a Maryland-based cybersecurity company, completed a wallet audit. The version offers, among other things, a robust alternative to the wallets Nostalgia, Nelium and IOTA GUI Light.

Dominik Schiener, co-founder of the IOTA Foundation, said:

“Our industry-leading Trinity wallet meets IOTA’s goal of providing secure, accessible and community-driven token storage for the international cryptocurrency market.”

CryptoSlate tested the wallet to evaluate the usability claims of the IOTA Foundation.

Trinity Wallet on the desktopScreenshot of Trinity on the desktop

Account setup

Going through the account setup process was a bit more tedious than with comparable Ethereum or Bitcoin wallets. A feature of Trinity is the secure digital backup of SeedVault. These backups use the same standards as KeePass for encrypted seed backups.

However, during our tests, importing the saved seed required more than half a dozen attempts and only worked after the test device’s settings were adjusted. If a user cannot import the seed file, they will have to enter the 81-character seed manually.

IOTA account seedsAn IOTA account starting value. Please do not share your seed with anyone

Importing the seeds to the cell phone could have been easier. Although there is a camera function to scan a QR of the semen, we couldn’t find a QR code of the semen in the wallet, which means that manual entry was required again.

Enabling biometric authentication was easy and allows for faster access to the wallet on mobile devices. Unfortunately, the function is not supported on desktop devices.

Sending and receiving transactions

Sending and receiving transactions was convenient. The Trinity wallet supports QR scanning as well as address prefilling in line with other high quality cryptocurrency wallets.

Trinity on the phoneReceived from IOTA via Trinity Wallet on the mobile phone

One unusual feature that stems from IOTA’s non-blockchain architecture is that addresses are not reusable. Every time a user sends a transaction, the application needs to create a new address to send the remaining balance to. In previous iterations of IOTA wallet apps, users had to do this manually, which put users’ money at risk.

Users have reported losing tens of thousands of dollars due to this non-intuitive feature in older wallets. However, wallets like Trinity help remove the complexity by doing this process automatically and allow users to focus on spending and storing their coins.

Hardware wallet support and other functions

Ledger Nano S.Ledger Nano S.

Trinity also supports the Ledger Nano S, X and Blue hardware wallets. The wallets serve as an extra layer of security by storing the balance on the hardware device rather than Trinity.

However, after testing, the hardware wallet also adds an extra layer of complexity when the wallet is in use. While it’s more secure, it makes sending and receiving transactions and accessing your wallet more cumbersome. We recommend connecting a hardware device only if large amounts of IOTA are stored.

Other passive functions are node management and quorum. By automatically polling multiple nodes to verify the integrity of network information, users can stay securely connected to the Tangle.

Those who want to try Trinity for themselves can download the wallet on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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