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Tron-based BeFaster’s Founders And CEOs Speak Exclusively With TronWeekly

Current fitness apps lack user experience, reliability, usability, convenience, and security. Tron-based BeFaster is here to fix that all. In essence, BeFaster, the world’s most decentralized fitness application, is here to transform the fitness and health management.

Unlike traditional fitness apps in the market, BeFaster is a Tron blockchain-powered app that brings decentralized tech to the real world. The application does this by offering a pedometer built as Tron dApp with a good number of pleasingly rousing features.

BeFaster strives to not only become just another fitness mobile application for phones. But it also aims to enable everyone to take ‘better care’ of their health and create a financial incentive in which their very own health is the motivating issue.

Two of the BeFaster’s Co-Founders and CEOs, Irina Manilitsch and Maximilian Jurtz spoke exclusively to TronWeekly to discuss all about this revolutionary Tron-based fitness application with us in an interview. Here it is!

TronWeekly: Can you please tell us a little about your experience and background?

Our team consists of six people. Tim, Jonas, and Nicole are in charge of graphics, presentation, marketing, web design, and implementation.

All three are trained specialists in their fields and have several years of international experience. The three CEO’s Max, Irina, and Frank come from the financial analysis and financial planning sector. Together we have more than 40 years of professional experience.The three co-founders of BeFaster. Frank on the right, Irina on the left, and Max in the middle.

Max has experience in building and managing companies. Irina is a lawyer with particular expertise in international and European law. In addition to the ubiquitous legal certainty, the last point is particularly useful in our global expansion. Frank is one of the founding members of Tron Europe and thus a man of the first hour. He contributed to the successful growth of Tron Europe.

TronWeekly: What led you to develop BeFaster?

BeFaster came when Max and Irina were struggling on a treadmill in the gym. As everyone knows, you need a lot of motivation to get over their weaker selves. What motivates more than health and money? Because of the health, we were there.

At that time we had no idea how to earn money by running. When we talked to Frank about this seemingly crazy idea, he boldly said that the blockchain could make it possible. Blockchain technology inspired us from that point on.

We were looking for a way to make the Blockchain and Crypto world accessible to the general public. Because currently, knowledge seems to be reserved for only a small circle. We were lucky that Frank already belonged to this circle. BeFaster was born.

TronWeekly: What is the most significant USP of the BeFaster project?

The closed business cycle of BeFaster. The combination of challenges, marketing partners (BePartners) and the corresponding marketplace is so far unique. The advantages of this combination have not yet been available to all users of well-known running apps.

TronWeekly: What are the biggest challenges you expect from BeFaster to succeed?

Since BeFaster will be a global DApp, we are confronted with numerous legal and partly political regulations. It’s a big but manageable challenge to build BeFaster in such a way that it meets all current and future regulations.

TronWeekly: How do you assess the impact of your blockchain BeFaster solution on the health and fitness industry of the future?

To evolution! BeFaster creates its ecosystem. For BePartner, it will be easier to filter and reach their desired clientele. Marketing costs are significantly reduced, and the effectiveness of contract conclusion, sales and scheduling are increased.

The users (BeUser) earn money continuously and access attractive prices and offers on goods and services of BePartners. The BeUser can pay these perspectively with the run and won Coins (BFC). Blockchain makes it possible.

TronWeekly: What is your business model?

We connect users who are interested in sport and health and those who want to become one with BePartners who offer goods and services in the fields of health & care, sport, and wellness.

TronWeekly: What incentives does BeFaster offer for those who are invested or planning to invest in the project?

Everyone who has invested in our project (BeInvestor) acquires the BeFasterHoldertoken (BFCH). It gives them the right to participate in the company’s profits in the future. BeFaster distributes 50% of all profits to the investors in proportion to their investment.

For this purpose, we have developed our ROI (Return of Invest) Calculator, in which everyone can calculate his investment and the corresponding amount of his ROI.

Unlike many other ICOs, where investors only acquire coins and hope for rising prices, our focus is on corporate earnings. BeFaster also wants to generate revenues in Fiat currency. BeFaster will thus be broader in scope and secure the income and financial prospects of its investors regardless of the value of the BFC.

TronWeekly: What does the project that claims “your additional income” mean for general BeFaster users?

The BeUser receives the BFC for his steps and challenges won.
With increasing global BeUsers, the interest of BePartners in a connection to BeFaster also increases. For a connection, the BePartner has to invest in the project to increase the value of the BFC tok3n.

BeFaster rewards the users for something they do every day in their lives anyway – namely, to run. By the fact that the BFC will be perspectively exchangeable in Fiat currency, it is an additional income.

TronWeekly: What are your goals for the future?

BeFaster wants to be a global application and a constant companion for everyone in the world. In this way, we want to develop numerous addons and gadgets that will make your use of BeFaster an even more beautiful and personalized app experience.

BeFaster would like to be active in the future (horizon from 5 years) also in the area of ​​charity and to create for this a private donation.

Of course, we also have the legal aspects in mind and will support our users in the future with tax questions regarding the payment of their BFC.

TronWeekly: Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers?

BeFaster is THE ideal application to make blockchain technology and cryptocurrency accessible to EVERYONE. BeFaster can explain the connections and functions simply and playfully.

It is to be expected that large parts of the worldwide population will turn to this exciting and promising topic. The newly gained attention will give the entire Crypto world a tremendous boost. Of course, this will have a positive effect on the performance of all cryptographic currencies.

Crypto will be the master, with us it will BeFaster.

Thank you guys for all of your answers and taking the time to do this interview. The team at TronWeekly is grateful to you for your valuable thoughts and insights. If people want to follow BeFaster, where should they go?

Thank you for having us Ali, anyone interested in learning more about BeFaster can visit us at or connect with us on the following platforms:

Twitter: Faster Fit
Telegram: BeFastefitEnglish

Disclaimer: The presented information is subjected to market conditions and may include the very own opinion of the author. Please do your ‘very own’ market research before making any investment in cryptocurrencies. Neither the writer nor the publication ( holds any responsibility for your financial loss.

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