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Tron Europe Brings Amazing Medals For Tronics: Vote And Win Tokens

The community-built organization, Tron Europe, isn’t leaving a single chance to show Tronics (the Tron community) how beloved they’re to them. Tron-Europe is now introducing the Medals in the form of tokens.

As discussed a while ago, TERC (TronEuropeRewardCoin) is the token from the long-standing Tron SR Tron-Europe, which is designed to get distributed to the community when a member votes for TrornEurope as a Super Representative on the TRON Network.

TronEurope Announces Medals Based Reward Model

Besides TERC, the platform now offers Medals to the Tron community. The medals consist of Bronze, Silver, and Gold that will be provided each month.

  • The bronze medal will be accessible for the voting power of 1 Million TRX
  • The silver medal will be available for 5 Million TRX
  • The gold medal will be accessible for 10 Million TRX

As per the information shared with us at Tron Weekly Journal, the Bronze medal will be worth 25K TERC token, whereas Silver will be valued 150K TERC, and Gold will be worth 250K TERC respectively. The platform has also ensured that these tokens could be used and tradable in its ICOs in the near future.Credit: Artur Szczybylo/Shutterstock

An interested community member will be eligible to get a medal only if they can vote for the full month in time. However, if you change your votes anytime in a month, you may lose the eligibility of receiving the medals. In Tron Europe’s words, “People get double the amount of what they would normally get.”

So far, Tron Europe has received an enormous boost from the Tron community, especially on the social media platforms (mainly Twitter). One such proponent of TronEurope appreciated the team and said: “TERC native token of Tron-Europe is best on Tron Network.”


Nevertheless, the Tron ecosystem itself is gaining the new figure; it seems the Tron Token (TRX) itself has made a comeback attempt, finally. The token is currently valued as an eleventh largest token on the graph of Coinmarketcap, again, with the soaring price 3.35 percent within the past 24Hrs. At the time of reporting this, Tron’s market capitalization counts at $1,123,377,052, and the token is valued at $0.016 against USD.

Moreover, Tron remained the second-largest blockchain network for decentralized application/dapps – as per the Q3 report shared by the largest dapp directory,

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