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Tron Europe Continues Global Push As Rewards System Put Under The Spotlight Again

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has witnessed constant developments, and the most dedicated players in the field are doing everything in their power to make it big. Obstacles like massive sell-offs and coronavirus spread have not stopped multiple updates in the cryptoverse, a sign that things are changing for the better.

One of the most prominent organizations in the digital asset world is Tron Europe, which has been making waves since its inception. By creating reward methods that benefit users and by partnering with other growing enterprises in the Tron ecosystem, the company has been growing at a fast pace.

Tron Europe’s main focus has always been on building a self-sufficient cryptocurrency ecosystem that can usher in the fabled ‘Web 4.0’.The organization also held a competition at the beginning of this year, in which participants were asked to describe the Tron Europe, reward model. Tron Europe is also a super-representative of Tron, giving it even more power to support the growth of a growing industry.

The company’s focus on its customers has been a celebrated fact and if you ask Tron Europe, it is a characteristic that they would love to maintain. As a SuperRepresentative, Tron Europe pays its own TERC token instead of TRX for its voters. For the time being, the total calculated value for TERC is 30 percent of that of the original token. To make it more interesting for the holders, Tron Europe also pays Holder Rewards that can go up to a whopping 250 percent.

According to the company officials, the reward system was created so that more people could contribute meaningfully to the Tron sector, Tron Europe has embraced this idea by building its own token economy and creating native dapps. Speaking to TWJ, Tron Europe admitted that a good cryptocurrency product needs to have proper use cases and not just be useful for trading. `

Users need not fret about getting their profits as Tron Europe has assured everyone that all payouts will be paid out in TERC. This holistic approach would act as the mainstay for the ecosystem, thereby creating a strong tie between the organization as well as the token holders. By creating a step by step process for its token holders, Tron Europe successfully functions as a Super Representative by putting the onus on creating value for its native products. This has been the main attraction for the new customers entering the field.

Officials from Tron Europe have confirmed that there are several projects in the pipeline which are expected to change the cryptocurrency game. Applications like BeFaster, TESD, GoT: The Revolt, Aftermath Islands and DVM are all expected to make waves in an industry requiring a legitimate foundation for growth.

Tron Europe also elaborated on its latest implementation: the TERCium Force. Under this, all the million-plus TERC holders will become eligible to join the bonus yearly reward and the special VIP room. The organization had recently tweeted:

“Everybody wants to get the highest rewards for his votes. So tell me are you getting the highest rewards possible? Vote Tron Europe! Because Tron-Europe has the highest voter rewards and gives TERC-holder rewards on top. It’s a fact.”

Tron Europe informed all its users that future developments would bring in more rewards to the ecosystem that will in turn result in more growth. It is now up to us and the community as a whole to see what comes next and then uses it to contribute significantly to the cryptoverse.

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