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TRON heralds forecasting markets after a partnership with Prosper

Prosper co-founder Iva Wisher notes that partnering with TRON marks a milestone in Prosper’s efforts to “partner with the greatest players in the DeFi world.”

TRON users will soon access cross-chain forecast markets and secure the platform’s burgeoning DeFi ecosystem. That came from a March 3 release announcing a partnership with Prosper, a non-custodial, cross-chain platform.

TRON, already one of the largest and most popular blockchain-based operating systems in the world, has a rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem. Founder Justin Sun emphasized the mantra of being “All-in-DeFi” by continuing to partner with top projects in Space.

Development and integration steps are expected to be announced in the coming weeks, but TRON users are expected to be able to use the native TRX coin as the basic prediction token for all features and functions of Prosper. Collaboration between projects is expected to improve liquidity, a key component of the DeFi forecasting markets, as any TRX holder can maximize returns or hedge positions.

Decentralized prediction markets are rapidly growing in popularity as users discover the peer-to-peer networks and virtually rule out the potential for corruption, manipulation, and efforts of a centralized agency to sway participation and scalability.

All types of forecast markets rely on the “wisdom of the crowd” philosophy to make decisions about future events such as elections, the sale of a company, or fluctuations in the price of assets such as fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies or commodities.

However, the unique aspects of DeFi prediction platforms suggest that they may become a “mega-industry” and act as a clearinghouse for predictions that could affect and affect the entire crypto ecosystem.

Prosper made waves in the forecasting market by developing a unique technology to aggregate liquidity in the chain. The team said reliance on binary models for providing liquidity across blockchains, as well as a short-term market model that enables randomized outcomes for custom pools, improves its market’s ability to be more accurate on forecast events. Prosper liquidity providers also have access to high APRs and a free maximum insurance fund.

Prosper co-founder Iva Wisher notes that the partnership with TRON, which BitTorrent acquired in 2018, marks a milestone in Prosper’s efforts to “partner with the biggest players in the DeFi world.”

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