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Tron hit its maximum high of 0.30 on January 5, 2018

The revival of the TRON coin in the last few days with an increase in volume is a good sign after a sluggish 2019.

TRON on the process of making the internet truly decentralized is a digital asset with a maximum high of 0.30 which it hit on January 5, 2018. From there, 2019 started with a declining grade at 0.018, which is a one-year decline -94%. The trading range of TRX coins is between $ 0.02 and $ 0.03 through May. There was a steep increase from 0.022 on May 10th to 0.033 on May 16th, an increase of 50%. Should this three-month high be lowered again in terms of volume, it could reach the next level of 0.076 by the end of the year. The TRX coin will offer a return on investment of 130%.

May 25, 2019, TRON price stats at 7:29:03 UTC:

Tron price chart

Ranking in Coinmarketcap’s cryptocurrency list 11th
Return of Investment (ROI) 1263.57%
Total circulation 66,682,072,191 TRX
Market capitalization in USD 1.903.120.417
Current TRX price in USD 0.028540
Current Tron price in BTC 0.00000355
24 hour trading volume 738802600
25 days price change 28.52%

May 25 TRON intraday analysis:

Opened at 0.028107 today, the TRX is now trading at 0.028540 after hitting a low of 0.027866. If it falls below yesterday’s low for the day, it could continue to decline in line with the current downtrend. But on the flip side, if the TRX breaks below yesterday’s high of 0.028642 it could see an uptrend for the day.

TRON value comparisons:

The recent massive spike in TRON volumes over the past few days is an indicator of a resurgence in interest. The formation of a new 3-month high with a steep rise of 50% is also a good indicator. It is now correcting at the current price, and as soon as it breaks the 3-month high, according to the current price TRON prediction, it could easily reach the high of 0.076 for the year in the near future. The next level could be the all-time high of 0.30 which could bring a return of more than 1000%. It already has a 1263.57% ROI, which is a positive sign of its short-term increase.


Since it is one of the digital assets available at such a low price and close to its all time lows, there are more chances of upward trends. If even part of the 2017 boom sets in that looks possible in 2019, it could easily hit its all-time high of 0.30. Hence, investing in the bulk of such a cheap digital asset that ranks 11th is well worth investing in for fabulous returns of more than 1000% by the end of 2019.

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