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Tron launches new version of DLive protocol and teases new BitTorrent website

Vladislav Sopov

Justin Sun, Founder of Tron and CEO of BitTorrent, made the announcement at the latest BitTorrentX product release virtual conference


  • Tron will launch the new DLive protocol in BitTorrentX
  • An important year for the Tron Foundation

During the recent Link the Future: BitTorrentX Product Release virtual conference on December 16, 2020, Mr. Sun introduced the new BitTorrentX website and the updated version of the DLive video streaming platform.

Tron will launch the new DLive protocol in BitTorrentX

Tron’s BitTorrentX virtual product release conference was held online and viewed by 125,000 people from 25 countries. First, Mr. Sun presented a brand new website for Tron’s BitTorrentX ecosystem. It combines BitTorrent peer-to-peer data storage, DLive video streaming platform, BitTorrent file system (BTFS) and BTT token.

However, the main announcement of the conference was dedicated to the DLive remote video protocol for streaming. It was announced that DLive will be released in a new version due to several years of research and development. With updated peer-to-peer technology, streamers can interact with each other in new ways, streaming from anywhere at low cost.

Rather than passively consuming video content, viewers can start their own nodes to aid in the distribution and sharing of video streams.

Mr Sun claimed that with the integration of the updated version of DLive, many more related peer-to-peer initiatives can go live on the Tron (TRX) blockchain.

An important year for the Tron Foundation

The DLive team believes the new version could attract users of existing video streaming platforms due to technical and tokenomic advances. The migration process will be smooth and seamless, says Anthony Wade, technical director at DLive Protocol:

The DLive protocol offers a new way to distribute your live stream at the end of your existing workflow. We are currently targeting users of all live streaming services using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio) and we are simply adding a new destination for their output RTMP stream. So, as a streamer, you can use the same setup and production workflow that you use today.

The DLive platform uses the potential of decentralized entertainment. This segment is critical to the advancement of the entire sphere, adds Justin Sun:

I firmly believe that decentralized entertainment is the next big step in mass adoption of blockchain. Together with the BitTorrent and DLive teams, we look forward to bringing disruptive innovations to digital entertainment and creating value for everyone.

The Tron Foundation reached many milestones in the turbulent year 2020. As a result, the USDT amount for Tron increased by more than $ 6 billion. In a partnership with the BitGo payment processor, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) were launched on Tron.

In addition, the popular DeFi Ampleforth (AMPL) will release its own Tron-based version.

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