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TRON Price Prediction 2022-2027: How likely is a $1.0 price target?

The TRON ecosystem is built on one of the first generation blockchain networks that have seen major highs bringing steady incremental gains to crypto market investors and survived significant lows offering the TRX at a price discount.

Recent price decline across the crypto market puts one question on the lips of TRON TRX holders and traders alike: “Is the TRON TRX still a viable altcoin worth adding to my crypto portfolio in 2022 ?”, “What are the likely price levels to start stacking up on the TRX token”. We’ll cover these and many more in this post starting with TRON’s inception story, Coingape, and other top crypto analyst Tron predictions for 2022 up to the next 5 years.

TRON History: The Inception Story

After serving as Ripple’s representative in the Greater China area, Justin Sun moved on to found TRON, a multi-purpose smart contract platform that allows anyone to create and deploy dApps (Decentralized Applications).

In a bid to solve the blockchain trilemma, TRON opted for a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake), thereby watering down true decentralization and censorship resistance for higher performance.

Market Size, Idea Validation, the future of TRON

For its value proposition, TRON drives content creation via financial incentives, it delivers simplified distributed file sharing, decentralizing the gaming industry, while also making it possible for content creators to launch their tokens.

Currently valued at 7.74 Billion USD, TRON looks to disrupt the entertainment industry by taking out centralized platforms, such as music sites, streaming services, and App Stores. Content creators can have a direct connection with their audience by leveraging the TRON network, therefore making for more affordable content on the part of consumers.

TRON is a pacesetter in using blockchain technology to gain a head start in the digital entertainment, content sharing, and gaming industry, following a well set out road map for the future set in six stages, namely: Exodus, Odyssey, Great Voyage, Apollo , Star Trek, and Eternity.

fundamental analysis

TRON TRX is designed as an inflationary type of token with a fixed issuance schedule. At inception, TRON had two funding rounds, which included a private token sale of 15.75 Billion TRX tokens and a public sale of 40.0 Billion TRX in an initial coin offering ICO.

According to, the approximate daily inflation rate of TRX is 1.38 million TRX and the approximate yearly inflation rate is over 500 million TRX considering those block producers earn a reward of 32 TRX per block while nodes receive 16TRX. The network has a fee-burning mechanism for fees paid directly.

Initial Supply Breakdown

Initial Token Supply for TRON TRX April 26, 2027

awards 1,607,214,813,47 1.6%
Investors 55,748,192,476 55.4%
TRON Foundation & Ecosystem 33,251,807,524 33.1%
Peiwo Huanle (Beijing) Technology Co 10,000,000,000 9.9%

liquid supply curve

Tron Total Supply : 100,484,673,334.49

TRON Price Prediction 2022


TRON TRX is one of the few altcoins that is currently withering through the recent storm that has erased significant gains from the total crypto market cap. Many investors saw an increase up to 1400% after their investment in the TRX coin on 01 April ’20 to its all-time high of $0.17989034 on April ’21.

Now, let’s take the annotated monthly chart snippet above for insights into the TRXUSDT price dynamics. Considering the 01 March and 01 September ’20 high-low range, the TRX price found resistance around the 1.618 Fibonacci projection ($0.16698045), marking the all-time high for the TRON-TRX coin.So far so good, the $0.049597 swing-high has flipped from resistance and now serves as crucial support that props up the price of the TRX coin, particularly on 01 Jun ’21 and 01 Jan ’22.

Following the recent price dynamics, the TRX price currently struggles to close above the 1.272 Fibonacci projection level ($0.08462647). We expect the TRX price to set a minimum price of $0.03257405 by the end of 2022 and its highest price shy of the $0.1018580 mark if the current month closes below $0.08462647.

TRX Price Prediction 2023

The TRXUSDT is considered to be in a bullish trend as long as the relative strength Index (4) has not gone lower than the level-25. The further price decline of the TRX coin to the $0.03257405 mark will serve as a springboard for the TRXUSDT to bounce off from bringing it to a maximum price of $0.16698045 at the closing price of 2023.

TRON Price Prediction 2027

We expect to see a more mature TRON network where a large part of its roadmap would have been checked off in the next five years. By then, we predict a maximum TRX price to be at $1.19035538 ​​and the minimum price at $0.35360713, both aligned with the 2.0% and 2.618% Fibonacci projection.

Coingape Experts Analysis

TRON and STEEM are both similar in their product offering of being decentralized content sharing platforms. Being blockchain-based platforms, both TRON and STEEM networks make use of some form of delegated proof of stake DPoS to increase transaction throughput, while allowing content creators to receive TRX (TRON) and STEEM on the respective ecosystems.

The TRON ecosystem appears to be a leader in the race for a decentralized content sharing ecosystem, as the network also dips its toes in the digital gaming industry, a major focus in its road map at the STAR TREK milestone, for a decentralized gaming and forecasting platform.

STEEM on the other hand is mainly focused on building and maintaining an ecosystem around decentralized content creation and sharing, allocating 75% of new coins to content curators and authors, while 15% is allocated to users with STEEM power holdings and 10% is given to witness.

Years Max high min low
2022 projection $0.1018580 $0.03257405
2023 projection $0.16698045 $0.03257405
2027 projection $1.19035538 $0.35360713

Market Predictions for the Token

TRON is one of the early top-ranked crypto Altcoins in the crypto market, maintaining a position as a top twenty cryptocurrency by market cap. For that reason alone it has been on the radar and watch list of well-known crypto analytics firms and platforms.Below, we present the views, market levels, and predictions of top crypto analytics firms so you can glean some insights into the future price direction of the TRX coin from now into five years, and guide you through your portfolio allocation.

Digital Coin Price Prediction


Our friends at DigitalCoinPrice (DCP), have their TRON (TRX) forecast as follows:

  • TRX 2022 Price Prediction

The DCP anticipates a price breach of 0.11 USD before the 2022 closing price, where the TRX price would have reached a minimum price of 0.0992USD and a maximum price of 0.11USD.

  • TRX 2023 Price Prediction

Analysts at DigitalCoinPrice forecast the TRX price to cross the 0.12USD by the end of the year reaching a maximum price of 0.14USD and a minimum price of 0.11USD.

  • TRX 2027 Price Prediction

According to the analysis carried out for 2027, the DCP predicts a price close below the 0.21USD mark to a low price of 0.16USD and a maximum price of 0.22USD at the end of the last quarter of 2027.

Wallet Investor Predictions

wallet investor

Following the market forecasts of Wallet Investor with a highest TRX price at 0.121USD at the Q4 2022 close price, and a likely high price of 0.271 three years from now, they further predicted that a hundred USD investment in TRX would yield a revenue of about 73.01% adding up to a $173.01 by the end of 2027.

CoinArbitrageBot Expert’s Prediction

Analysts at CoinArbitrageBot project that the TRX price could close at $0.0958 at the end of Q4 2022. Their 2024 price prediction also puts the TRX at a closing price somewhere around $0.27587 and the 2025 closing price at $0.44636.

Long forecast prediction

TRX price prediction by LongForecast (LF) analysts projects a maximum price of 0.065 USD, a minimum price of 0.057, and an average price of 0.062 by December 2022, a -4.7 percent change.However, their price prediction for 2023 starts with a positive +13.1% change in January with the month’s maximum price at $0.074 and a minimum price of $0.061.LongForecast has a farther June 2024 price prediction at a maximum price of $0.135 and a minimum price of $0.117, a positive percent change of about 4.1%.


Q: Where can I get the best ASK price for TRON TRX?

TRONs TRX coin is trading on top crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, KUCOIN, Poloniex, and BITTREX. You can set up an account on any of these platforms to start trading and investing in the TRX coin.

Q: How high can the TRX price go in the next 5yrs?

Our analysis shows that the TRX coin can go as high as the $1.0 round number resistance in the next 5 years and even set a maximum price of $1.19.

Q: Which technical tools are best for gauging the trend and price targets of the TRX coin?

From extensive research and experience in traditional and crypto markets, the relative strength index (RSI) is best for giving accurate crypto and Altcoins (TRX) price direction and trends. The Fibonacci retracement and projection levels on the other hand are best for setting price targets and correction/pullback limits, upon selecting a swing high to a swing low.

Q: Is TRON a profitable coin to invest in?

TRON TRX has gained about 2283.0% from its lowest low on 01 March, ’20 to its 01 April, ’21 highest high, making it a viable crypto asset to invest in the long term.

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