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TRON Price Prediction – Forecast for 2021, 2022, 2025 & 2030

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Showing a 108% price increase in less than two months, TRON has become a much more appealing prospect for cryptocurrency investors. Its smart contract capabilities make TRON an exciting platform for the years ahead – which could mean great things for the coin’s price.

In this article, we discuss our TRON Price Prediction for a variety of upcoming timeframes. We dive into what TRON is and how price reached this point before rounding off with a look at where you can invest in TRON without paying a penny in commissions.




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TRON Price Prediction 2021 to 2022

If you are looking for a quick breakdown of our TRON prediction 2021, then look no further. This section highlights our price predictions over the upcoming months, allowing you to get an idea of this coin’s outlook. Later on in this article, we’ll dive into TRON in more detail, providing our TRON stock forecast over the longer term.

  • One Month – TRON’s momentum shows no signs of stopping after its 108% increase in price since July. Our analysis predicts that the TRON price live will reach $0.14 within the next month.
  • Three Months – We anticipate a ‘snowball effect’ when it comes to TRON investing, as more and more market participants invest in TRON as the sentiment becomes even more bullish. Due to this, our TRON forecast for the next three months sees the altcoin being valued at $0.17 – just below the highs of April 2021.
  • Start of 2022 – If momentum continues like it is, we believe that TRON will breach April’s highs and move towards the $0.20 mark by the end of 2022. This would represent a 95% increase from current price levels.

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TRON Price History – the Story of 2021 So Far

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Before diving into our TRON prediction, it’s essential to define what TRON is and how it differs from other cryptos. This will provide valuable context to TRON’s current price movements and future outlook. Then, we will explain how TRON’s price reached current levels.

So, what is TRON? By definition, TRON is a blockchain platform that aims to decentralise various processes. The most important thing to note about TRON is that it supports smart contracts, which means developers can create and launch decentralised applications (DApps). These applications remove the intermediary present within many processes, allowing for greater privacy, speed, and efficiency – which is set to revolutionise the finance industry through decentralised finance (DeFi) projects.

tron blockchain

The TRON platform was founded in 2017 by Justin Sun, who is a Chinese-American entrepreneur. Notably, TRON is actually the platform, whilst TRX is the cryptocurrency used on the platform. However, these terms are often used interchangeably when referring to the digital asset that people invest in. At present, TRON is the world’s 27th largest crypto by market capitalization.

Before you buy TRON UK, it’s crucial to understand how the price reached this point. TRON rose to prominence in December 2017, when price rocketed over 800% within a week. The TRON price actually rose an incredible 7804% until early January 2018, at which point a large crash occurred. TRON ended up losing 91% of its value between January and February 2018.

Over the next few years, momentum slowed for TRON, with price remaining relatively flat. There was another spike in May 2018; however, similar to before, the price immediately retraced to previous levels. This pattern continued up until early 2021.

tron price chart

In February 2021, the current TRON price began picking up some bullish momentum. Between February and April, TRON’s price rose 403% – leading many to believe that the coin was on its way back to all-time highs. Alas, this wasn’t to be, and the price fell back to previous levels again.

However, TRON did seem to find a support level around the $0.05 mark, which price was rejected from multiple times. The most recent rejection has provided the bullish impetus needed to reach the TRON price today. TRON has gained 108% in value within just a few weeks – and is showing no signs of stopping.

At the time of writing, the TRON price is hovering around the $0.10 level – a significant psychological barrier to break. Momentum has slowed somewhat in the last few days as price consolidates around this area. If the TRON price can breach $0.10 and create a support level, it will provide a foundation to push back to May’s highs.

TRON Price Forecast

Much like when you buy stocks, it’s essential to get a broad overview of the factors influencing the price. By getting a broad overview, you can determine whether an asset is a viable investment opportunity or not. With that in mind, this section breaks down the technical and fundamental factors that could shape TRON’s price in the future.

Technical Analysis

First up are the technical elements. This involves looking at the chart and analysing price action to provide insight into future price movements. The price analysis that we have conducted highlight that our TRON prediction is very optimistic for the years ahead.

tron technical analysis

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As you can see on the daily chart, the TRX price recently broke out of a bull flag that had formed over the course of two weeks. These flags tend to develop just before more bullish momentum – so the fact that TRON breached the flag is a good sign. As expected, we are now seeing an upwards push out of this flag pattern.

However, there are some key resistance areas to note. As mentioned, TRON is consolidating around the $0.10 level, which is a significant psychological barrier. If TRON breezes past this, the next major resistance level would be around $0.16, where TRON’s price was rejected heavily twice before. Our TRON price prediction estimates that if the current bullish momentum continues, there’s an excellent chance that the level could be broken – allowing TRON to print new yearly highs before the end of the year.

Fundamental Analysis

Aside from technical factors, it’s crucial to look at the platform’s capabilities and how it lines up against its peers. TRON’s overall goal is to help media creators to be rewarded for what they do. Right now, creators who use platforms such as YouTube or Twitch are at the mercy of these platforms. They tend to take significant cuts of revenue and can also decide to remove content if it violates their agreements.

TRON aims to fix this issue and provide a more appealing ecosystem for content creators. By removing the middleman (such as YouTube or Twitch), content creators have a more significant degree of control over their material. Furthermore, it allows creators to have a larger slice of the revenue, as the intermediary will not be there to take a cut.

Due to its real-world capability, an investment in TRON is different than if you were to buy Bitcoin. TRON isn’t used as a peer to peer payments processor and instead has capabilities to employ smart contracts to change industries. However, similar to when you buy Ethereum or other cryptos, TRON can still be used as a store of value.

TRON Price Prediction 2025 – Long Term Outlook

Now that you have a good overview of the technical and fundamental factors that may shape TRON going forward, let’s dive into our TRON forecast over the upcoming years. When investing in cryptocurrency UK, it’s essential to have a longer-term approach, as cryptos tend to show high amounts of volatility. This approach means that short-term fluctuations in the crypto market won’t affect you as much since you’ll be holding for months or years.

Our TRON price prediction looks promising for the coming years. As you can see from the price chart, TRON does tend to spike up and down quite frequently – yet the tide does seem to be changing for this coin. Recently, TRON has partnered with, a huge e-commerce platform that supports various cryptos. The fact that TRON is now being adopted by companies like this speaks volumes about the faith shown in this coin.

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Furthermore, as noted earlier, TRON rewards content creators in a much more appealing way than traditional platforms. A report by Oberlo pointed out that a remarkable 85% of all internet users in the US watched online video content on any of their devices. This highlights just how important content creation is – meaning that platforms like TRON could be very popular in the future.

With that said, our TRON price prediction 2025 is very encouraging. The next few years should see a shift towards decentralised platforms, making this digitalcoin a good investment for individuals and businesses alike. As this occurs, we expect the TRON price to return to the all-time highs of $0.30 by 2025.

tron blockchain platform

Looking even further ahead, our TRON price prediction 2030 is also rosy. Smart contracts look set to shape industries in the next few years, meaning platforms such as TRON’s will be in high demand. We believe that TRON coin will be valued at $0.70 by 2030, indicating an increase of 601% from current levels.

TRON Price Chart

As you are well aware from our TRON forecast, we are very bullish about this coin. The TRON network rivals Ethereum in many ways and even has lower transaction fees when using TRX coin. This is a significant benefit of the TRON platform, as Ethereum’s is relatively expensive – which could have an impact in the years ahead.

Furthermore, TRON’s transaction speed is extremely fast and very cheap when compared to BTC and ETH – which will stand the platform in good stead going forward. We expect this to be reflected in the price chart in the months and years to come, as more and more companies begin using the TRON platform. Once this starts to happen, the platform’s value will rise, leading to large gains in the coin price.

etoro tron price chart

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The spikes in January 2018 and March 2021 dominate the TRON price chart and highlight how volatile this coin can be. The good thing about the current price is that the increases are consistent – we do not see any crazy spikes up and down. This is a good sign for the long term, as it shows that this bull run is not purely based on hype.

We’d recommend keeping an eye on the resistance around the $0.16 level, as this has proved challenging to break in the past. If TRON can break past this and form a solid close on the daily or weekly chart, it will provide the base needed for a push back to the all-time highs experienced in 2018.

Where to Invest in TRON

Now that you have a solid idea of what TRON is and the coin’s prospects, it’s time to discuss the investment process. When you buy cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin, TRON, Dogecoin, or Cardano, you’ll have to create an account with a reputable broker. These brokers help pair buyers and sellers together safely, allowing users to purchase cryptocurrencies and store them.

Due to the popularity of the cryptocurrency market, there are lots of cryptocurrency exchanges available these days. However, through in-depth research and testing, we’ve found that eToro represents one of the best trading platforms UK for TRON investing. This is because eToro has a stellar reputation worldwide, boasting over 20 million users. In addition, eToro is regulated by the FCA and ASIC, ensuring that all users are protected whilst trading.

One of eToro’s most appealing aspects is its fee structure. When you invest in cryptocurrency, you won’t have to pay any commissions whatsoever. This is in contrast to numerous other platforms that charge a percentage of your trade size as their fee. Also, eToro does not charge any monthly account fees or deposit fees either.

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In terms of deposits, eToro allows users to fund their accounts with as little as $50. Users can make deposits via credit/debit card, bank transfer, or various e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. You can even use eToro’s free demo account first if you wish to gain some experience on the platform!

Finally, eToro even offers a useful ‘CopyPortfolio’ feature that allows you to invest in professionally managed portfolios whilst avoiding all of the hefty fees usually charged. This feature, combined with eToro’s low costs and vast deposit options, make them the best option when it comes to investing in TRON.

TRON Price Prediction – Conclusion

As you can see, the future looks incredibly bright for TRON. The emergence of smart contracts looks set to be a significant boost to the TRON platform, as the low transaction fees and fast processing times will appeal to businesses in a wide variety of industries. Furthermore, as content creators begin to realise the benefits of using the TRON platform, we will likely see some meaningful price increases going forward – meaning that now is a great time to add TRON to your portfolio.

So, if you’d like to buy TRON today, we’d recommend using eToro. As noted earlier, eToro is our recommended broker thanks to its heavy regulation and low fees. What’s more, eToro allows deposits from only $50, allowing you to start small and build your way up!


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67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.


What is the price of TRON right now?

At the time of writing, the current TRON price is hovering around the $0.10 level. This represents an increase of 108% since mid-July 2021.

What drives the price of TRON?

One of the main things that drive the TRON price is adoption. As more companies adopt TRON, whether as a payment method or as a platform to develop smart contracts, it means further credibility for the coin – leading to large price increases.

Where can I buy TRON?

Most brokers will now offer TRON as a tradeable asset due to its growing popularity. However, we still recommend using eToro, as you’ll avoid paying the hefty commissions that other brokers charge.

Why is TRON going up?

TRON’s price increase can be attributed to the overall bullish sentiment in the market right now. However, the recent partnership with has provided another boost to price – with more set to be on the horizon.

What will TRON be worth by 2022?

We predict that TRON will be worth $0.20 by 2022. The bullish momentum shows no signs of stopping, meaning that reaching this mark is not out of the question.

What will TRON be worth in 2025?

As smart contracts become more popular, platforms such as TRON’s will be in high demand. Due to this, we believe that TRON will be valued at around $0.30 by 2025.

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