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Unibright and NEM Announce Strategic Partnership

NEM, which is an out-of-the-box enterprise-grade blockchain platform, recently announced its partnership with Unibright, a blockchain-agnostic integration framework. The partnership will entail the addition of NEM-oriented code generation to Unibright’s framework. At the same time, the collaboration will add Unibright to the NEMsp Program which enables their developers to get blockchain training and certification via the Global NEMsp Network. With the specialized technical skills, Unibright’s team will earn the proficiency to integrate clients on NEM and scale, regardless of the sector, experience, and specialization.

Details of the Partnership

As part of the agreement, NEM will be added as a target of the Unibright automated code generation platform. The NEM adapters will be included in the Unibright Integration Platform, making it possible to connect NEM architecture to the existing IT landscape. And, Unibright will be included as an official NEM service partner, following the training and certification process. In the future, both NEM and Unibright will be working together on joint projects, proof of concepts, and case studies with industry clients and other partners.

What the Leadership Had to Say

The President of NEM, Kristof Van de Rek said that the partnership with Unibright will place the development and deployment of NEMsp network on a higher level by enabling automatic code generation. The NEMsp network is a repeatable and scalable program and these collaborations will expedite the adoption of NEM on a global scale while creating value for its partners. Companies implementing the NEM blockchain will not be needed any technical staff to create applications. The synergy between NEM and Unibright makes the partnership a “perfect fit”, and is the beginning of a mutual and beneficial relationship.

The CEO of Unibright, Marten Jung also commented on the issue. He said that he is convinced that enterprise clients would rely on the blockchain platforms, which offered them a robust base, scalability, and fast pilot-to-solution outlook. He said that NEM delivers on all those areas in a convincing manner. The CEO concluded by saying that they were looking forward to filling the partnership with life.

How the Partnership is Panning Out

The Unibright team has completed their training under NEM Solutions Architect at Unibright’s main office in Bingen, Germany. They will soon receive the certification after the test project developed by the team is audited by the NEM team, to be a working solution. Once certified, Unibright will be officially recognized as NEM Service Partner.

Advantages of the Partnership

Launched in March 2015, NEM is an out-of-the-box enterprise-grade blockchain platform with industry-leading blockchain features like multi-sig account contract, naming system, customizable assets, an Eigentrust++ reputation system, encrypted messaging and more. With NEM, companies using legacy systems can plug and play NEM solutions in no time. Through Unibright’s unified framework, NEM’s foothold in the mainstream crypto-ecosystem will be further strengthened. The multichain solution will further encourage blockchain adoption among the industries, helping them switch between the protocols to find the one that meets their needs and integrate it into their existing IT systems.

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