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Uniswap is the first DEX to exceed a cumulative volume of $ 100 billion

Uniswap now has a cumulative volume of $ 100 billion as it is the first DEX to accomplish this feat. On February 15th, Uniswap founder Haydn Adams went on Twitter and celebrated the success.

Successes: both long-term and short-term

The cumulative value includes all processed transactions that have taken place since Uniswap launched in August 2020. Uniswap was also the first Defi to hit a total blocked value of $ 1 billion. It currently has the largest TVL (Total Locked Value) of $ 3.99 billion while its strongest rival, Sushiswap, holds $ 3.53 billion.

Now if we look at the shorter picture, it looks pretty promising too. According to the data from the dune analysis, Unswap has over $ 7 billion in 7-day volume, which is 55% of the total DEX market. Its closest rival, however, is sushi swap, which only accounts for 21.8% of the market.

All of these key figures show the success of Uniswap as a platform and also explain the undisputed dominance in the market.

UNI coin

Uniswap launched its domestic coin UNI back in September 2020. It has been going pretty great since then. especially in the last month or so. Interestingly, the coin had doubled in value just two days after its launch on September 15 – when it rose from $ 2.80 to $ 5.80 in a matter of hours, its big strides only began last month.

UNI started at a price level of $ 4 in January 2021 and has seen overwhelming growth of over 450% in a month as it topped a price level of $ 20 on January 30th.

Uniswap has an all-time high of $ 23.60 that won’t be hit until February 12th.

Although it has fallen over 10% since then and is currently trading at a price level of $ 20, it is still in a bullish phase. because of the stability and the general market environment.

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