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Watch Kojima’s Logo Movie, Featuring Underwater Moon Exploration With Holo-Whales

As promised earlier, Hideo Kojima revealed a new video during a talk held at San Diego Comic-Con. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for his next game, Death Stranding. Instead it’s a “logo movie for Kojima Productions,” his new studio.

Nevertheless, it’s still pretty cool. It shows the studio’s mascot planting a flag on what looks like the moon, except underwater.

You can also check out some screenshots from the movie below.


“At first it looks like Ludens is underwater, his footprints are there,” Kojima explained through a translator during his talk. “He looks like he’s walking in the ocean or somewhere, the whole idea is to go somewhere he ever been to, then you have something big crossing in front of the character.

“You’re led to believe it was the ocean, but it turns out it’s a different planet. Then you have the flag, and the huge whale that has an effect that makes it hard to see if it’s real or not. The whole idea is the thing that crossed Ludens tries to play with Ludens when he plants his flag. It gets really boring when you explain it all.”

Kojima was asked whether the Luden character will be in Death Stranding.

“No, Ludens won’t be in Death Stranding, but people can play with this character. Go ahead and put it in your fan art or whatever.”

Also during the event, Kojima discussed establishing a new Kojima Productions, following his departure from Konami. Specifically, he talked about Ludens, the mascot of the studio.

“Kojima Productions is represented in Ludens. The concept is to use bleeding-edge technology and exploring the unknown. A scientist in the Netherlands proposed the concept that the more we play, the more we evolve. This is what I want to be, I want to put this concept into Homoludens.

“I created the concept and gave it to [Yoji] Shinkawa. The kind of equipment that allows you to go anywhere is a space suit… I wanted it to look somewhere in between samurai and knight.

The first trailer for Death Stranding was revealed at E3 2016. It showed The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus cradling a baby, and lots of beached whales. Although it was quite confusing, it is also stuffed with clues. According to Kojima, the trailer shown during E3 is “representative” of the final game.

The Metal Gear creator also previously said his new PlayStation 4 and PC game will be the best he’s ever made. You can read this post to find out more about what we know so far about Death Stranding.

A release date for Death Stranding has not yet been announced, but don’t expect it soon. Recently, Kojima said, “Our game is still far from being released.”

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