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What is Chainlink Cryptocurrency and Where Can I Buy It?

Crypto projects of different purposes and features exist in the industry. The most valuable are those platforms that provide the connection between real-sector information with blockchain technologies. Today, we will discuss one such project – Chainlink and talk about where to buy its token.

Chainlink founder is Sergey Nazarov. Together with his partner, Steve Ellis, they founded the project in 2017. Formally, the platform was launched in 2019.

The essence of Chainlink is connecting the off-chain environment with blockchains via smart contracts. The project supports Solana, Ethereum and other popular blockchains.

Chain LINK crypto has a capitalization of over $5 billion, and the token’s price is $5.89 as of mid-December 2022.

Key facts about Chainlink:

  • the platform is governed by nodes;

  • it is a decentralized platform;

  • it involves oracles that ensure the transferring of off-chain environments to blockchains;

  • Smart contracts are the core of the Chainlink platform. Chainlink LINK plays a key role in contract execution.

Where to Buy Chainlink LINK?

LINK is traded on many crypto exchanges. You will find relevant LINK prices on the WhiteBIT platform. It is a centralized crypto exchange that offers the following trading instruments:

  • p2p;

  • spot markets;

  • trading with leverage;

  • futures derivatives;

  • DEX;

  • codes.

You will be surprised about WhiteBIT fees – they are fixed at 0.10% regardless of the amount you trade and the tool you use.

The platform has a standalone resource – the WhiteBIT blog, where the company publishes interesting articles on the crypto industry, the latest news, updates, and guides for beginner traders. If you wish to practice buying and selling digital assets, you may take advantage of the WhiteBIT demo trading account. It will help you learn to navigate the platform and handle different tools and strategies.

If you have any questions, you can always address WhiteBIT customer support.

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