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What is the Token to the Cryptoverse Rescue? It is Neither Flow Nor Aave but Big Eyes Coin (BIG)!

The universe has been experiencing a great influx of cryptocurrencies since the invention of Bitcoin. However, some of these coins are just hype but no action. In fact, others cause harm to the ecosystem as mining poses great risk to the world’s ecosystem. Nevertheless, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is here to the rescue. Join the train as Big Eyes Coin (BIG) does what Flow (FLOW) and Aave (AAVE) have failed at.

Why Users Should Not Miss Out of the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Community

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is exclusively a community token with an ecosystem that is created on user participation and monetization. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is vested with the objective of veering crypto wealth into the Decentralized Finance (deFi) ecosystem while safeguarding the marine territory; an essential component of the world’s ecosystem. To this effect, a visible charity wallet has been designed to earmark 5% of Big Eyes (BIG) tokens for safeguarding the oceans. Community tokens are tested and trusted sources of wealth for community and charity. However, Big Eyes Coin’s intentions transcend generating 1000x profits. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) years to give its users more. This it will, by assembling a self-propagating blockchain ecosystem with a hyper growth. The blockchain will utilize Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to provide users with permission to more events and contents that will endear users to the token and its blockchain.

Additionally, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is cooking up NFT collections that will be rated in the top ten. This indicates that the community is bound to get value for its token. In addition, profits from NFT events will undergo a burn or not to burn vote by the community. Users have no worries as transactions are void of pay and buy tax, and fees. So, it is not just hype after all, it is action.

200 billion Big Eyes (BIG) tokens have been minted. 70% was for sale during the public presale. 20% was for exchanges. 5% what for marketing wallet. 5% was for charity. 10% what for tax NFTs. 4% was allocated to the actual seller(s) of the NFTs. 5% was allocated to holders. 1% was for charity.

Own, Stake And Earn Freshly Minted Flow (FLOW) Tokens

Flow (FLOW) is the local token of the Flow blockchain. In fact, it is crucial to conserving and running the Flow (FLOW) blockchain. Flow was developed to deliver a blockchain that possesses dependable decentralization and is void of sharding. It is also meant to supply scalable solutions and applications for games, apps, and other digital assets. Flow (FLOW) tokens can be employed as the foremost payment currency of Decentralized Applications (dApps) running on the Flow blockchain. These dApps can also use Flow (FLOW) tokens for other transactions. They could even suffice as rewards when users earn. Moreover, users who own and stake Flow (FLOW) tokens have the potential to become nodes. They also become authorized to partake in the management of the platform. Such users are rewarded by Flow with a mixture of freshly minted Flow (FLOW) tokens and a percentage of the transaction fees.

Loan Aave (AAVE) Tokens And Enjoy Liquidity

Aave is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) lending and borrowing platform. Aave (AAVE) token is an ERC-20 governance token as well as the currency of the Aave blockchain. As a governance token, it comes handy in decisions regarding the development of Aave protocol and delivery of its services. Aave provides liquidity to its users when users loan their tokens by proposing inviting interest rates to lenders. However, users hoping to borrow are given competitive rates. Nevertheless, borrowers are required to supply a loftier value of Aave (AAVE) tokens than they want to borrow. This procedure is known as collateral.

The Big Eyes (BIG) token’s and network’s goal is not one meant to fade with the night. For a protracted tenure, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is resolved to contend on an efficient and technical echelon with currencies that are top bananas in the cryptoverse.

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