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Will Ripple Price Go Up In The Near Future?

The current exchange rate of the cryptocurrency may differ slightly between the cryptocurrency exchanges. This difference is due to the individual characteristics of each exchange, and the most important factors are the users and the volume of trading they produce.

Ripple (XRP) price

The current exchange rate of Ripple (XRP USD) is $ 0.99 today, which means that the XRP exchange rate has changed 2.96% in the last 24 hours.

Price XRP PLN in 24 hours

On the Polish market, Ripple (XRP PLN) is valued at 4.03 PLN, which means that XRP PLN has changed by 2.91%.

XRP price prediction

Ripple’s price could rise from the serial triangle to $ 1.029. The Ripple price is currently showing an increasing trading volume, as shown in the four-hour chart.

Even so, the price has been pushed below the 100-day simple moving average (SMA) by curtailing recent price hike efforts.

The bulls appear to be back on the scene, however, and now an expected spike in buying pressure behind the international remittance badge will likely allow the bulls to break above the general resistance around $ 0.9236 that encompasses the 200 SMA.

This will confirm a strong uptrend where Ripple could hit 18% to hit the November 30th high range around $ 1.029.

The exact time frame underlines the potential upward trend with a market signal from the SuperTrend. The SuperTrend follows the trend of an asset, such as moving averages, but because it overlaps the chart, it calculates volatility and sends buy and sell signals.

Note that a daily closing price below price allows SuperTrend to switch from red to green and come back below price, sending an upward signal.

XRP / USDT price chart. Source: Trade view

When SuperTrend moves above the value and turns red, a flying signal appears. The uptrend will continue as long as the market signal is held on the ripple chart.

In addition, the Moving Average Convergence Index (MACD) sent out a wave signal indicating the possibility of a short-term upward movement in price.

It did so earlier during Monday’s Asian session when the 12-period exponential moving average (EMA) crossed the 26-day EMA, adding more credibility to the uptrend in the XRP.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) offers the possibility of a short-term price correction. This is because the RSI is moving far away from the overbought area. This suggests that bears are currently stronger than bulls and that Ripple’s price could continue to fall in the short term.

What is Ripple’s offer?

The XRP offering was set from top to bottom at 100,000,000,000. All tokens were dug up and proportionally put into circulation by Ripple. The data source currently shows 46,244,517,593 XRPs in circulation, which is not even half of the highest bid (46%).

The amount of XRP is reduced

XRP is a deflationary currency – every transaction burns a certain very small amount of digital money. The deflationary nature of XRP affects its exchange rate, and certainly the highest value of the ATH currency will multiply over time.

So far, almost 10,000,000 XRPs have been burned by transfers in this cryptocurrency.

Factors Affecting the XRP Exchange Rate

The XRP exchange rate is prone to falling, but like with cryptocurrencies, volatility is no stranger to it.

The graphic shows the continuous increase in value since the introduction of this crypto currency on the stock exchanges. In 2017, the price of XRP surprised users, increasing by 36,000%!

What factors influence the fluctuations in the exchange rate of this currency?

Collision with the Securities and Exchange Commission: In late 2020, Ripple’s ongoing battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission began.

The case concerns the SEC’s perception of XRP as the commission insists that XRP is a security and should be registered as an investment contract.

The community took the XRP lawsuit as an attack on cryptocurrencies and took their side. However, skeptics have argued that XRP denies the free ideas behind cryptocurrencies.

Opinion of the cryptography community: Pivotal XRP thwarts the free idea of ​​BTC that worries many cryptographers. Exchange customers are often not bothered by the ideas and philosophies behind cryptocurrencies.

Which is reflected in a high trading volume despite the meager value of a certain cryptocurrency. The liquidity of the XRP market is strong which will make you notice the number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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